Fun Playing Activities for Your Little One Under the Age of 3 Years Old

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Fun Playing Activities for Your Little One Under the Age of 3 Years Old

The process of growth and development of your Little One is influenced by several factors including genetic and environmental. For an optimal growth and development process, Daddy and Mommy should meet the needs of the Little One, such as nutrition, stimulation, immunization, playing activities, and adequate rest time.

By taking the Little One to play, he/she learns muscle coordination and also how to control it. It involves not only the physical movement but also the emotions as well as sharpening the mindset. Well, what are the types of games that are suitable for your Little One under the age of 3 years old? Check out the followings:

Age 0-12 months

For the Little One, Mommy can give him/her a toy or invite him/her to play with various targets, including:

  • Training reflexes (e.g. sucking and grasping)
  • Training eye and hand coordination
  • Training eyes and ears coordination
  • Training tactile sensitivity
  • Exercising skills with repetitive movements

What are the suitable means appropriate for the Little One’s playing activity at this age? Mommy can use:

  • Toys that are safe to hold and put in the mouth
  • Game tool in the form of images
  • A soft game device, such as a doll
  • Game tools that can be shaken and produce sound

Age 12-24 months

With different age groups, certainly there are different targets of playing and practice. Here are the stimulation targets for the Little One age 12-24 months:

  • Training imagination
  • Introducing the sound source
  • Finding and following the sound source
  • Familiarizing the Little One to do daily activities
  • Exercising the Little One to do a push-and-pull motion

Mommy can train the Little One by inviting him/her to play using some tools,which are:

  • Toys that can be pushed and pulled
  • Games consisting of household items (such as plates, plastic spoons, and others), cardboard, drawing books, crayons.

By inviting the Little One to play, Mommy not only train the physical course but also provide stimulation in the way of thinking. Therefore, it is important for the Little One to get stimulated according to the age and need. No need to be confused and be ran out of ideas, Mommy can now access Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan to get a variety of play plans that are useful to optimize the process of growth and development of the Little One.

After determining the activity to be done, Mommy can arrange and print the play plan that has been made. Afterwards, the play plan can be affixed in the family room for a maximal preparation of playing activities. Don’t you think it’s fun?