Sharpen Your Little One’s Basic Motor Skills With These Ways

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Sharpen Your Little One’s Basic Motor Skills With These Ways

Preschool age is an important period in all of the Little One’s development, including motor skills development. The critical period of motor skills development occurs at preschool age because the nerve capacity is available abundantly.

Motor skill development is the process of growth and development of the Little One’s ability in motion. This development is generally in line with nerve and muscle maturity. Simple movements of any kind are the result of a complex coordination of various parts of the system in the body that are controlled by the brain.

Motor skill ability is easily trained with stimulation that emphasizes the use of body parts. In fact, there is a chance that the dominant intelligence of the Little One is a kinesthetic intelligence, the intelligence in body movements.

Multiple intelligence encompasses many areas of everyday life: linguistic, logical mathematical, musical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic and moral intelligence. Mommy can identify the Little One’s multiple intelligence on the site Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan.

Basic motor skills are the foundation of the more complicated motor skills, such as language learning and literacy. This is why basic skills must be mastered before they can perform more complex skills. Basic motor skills are very influential in the learning phase when the Little One is playing and moving because he/she will interact with the social and physical environment constantly. This will make the body and mind of the Little One to coordinate and in the process, connections in the brain and sensory motor path will also be formed.

This sensory path will eventually become more complex, such as the ability to read, write, and count. This development is very important when the Little One enter the age 3-10 years. In the event of failure to master basic motor skills during preschool age, the Little One is at risk of having difficulty mastering special skills in the future.

What are the things included in the basic motor skills? Check out the explanation below:

  • Locomotor motion, i.e. moving movement where certain body parts move or move between places such as walking, running, or jumping.
  • Non-locomotor motion, i.e. non-moving movement. There are certain parts of the body that are moved but the body as a whole does not move, for example, standing on one leg.
  • Manipulative motion, i.e. the ability to control objects with the hands and feet such as throwing, catching, kicking, and others.

Playing activities can maximize the basic motor development of the Little One. Choose the right game to train the Little One’s motor skills, for example:

  • Playing Frisbee or playing a throw-catch game
  • Rope jumping
  • Playing kites
  • Ball kicking and dribbling
  • Walking in 1 straight line

Playing, besides making your Little One to relax, is beneficial for the process of the Little One’s growth and development. Get creative play ideas that can stimulate your Little One by visiting the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan website. Come on, play!