Prevent These Delays in Growth and Development of Your Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 January 2017

Prevent These Delays in Growth and Development of Your Little One

The growth and development stage of the Little One requires special attention from Daddy and Mommy. In the age group 0-5 years, the Little One should develop all of his/her potential; gross motor, fine motor, language skills, and more. Various basic skills must be mastered by the Little One that he/she can learn many things which are more complex in the future. Therefore, it is important for Mommy to know that the process of growing the Little One needs support to go optimally.

The Little One’s growth and development is influenced by two important factors, namely nutrition and stimulation. Nutrition is needed for physical growth and also to support intelligence. Stimulation is an activity that stimulates the basic ability of the Little One to grow and develop optimally.

The process of your Little One’s growth and development will not be the same with other child with the same age. Each individual has his or her own time to master one's ability. But actually there is a range of time to grow and develop that must be kept by the Little One in order not to have a delay in the growth and development.

Dr. Herbowo AF Soetomenggolo, SpA (K) reveals that from a study, it is found that 5-12 percent of little children have a delay in the growth and development. As many as 40 percent of the delay, was only known when the Little One entered school age.

So, what is the benchmark for the Little One who is experiencing growth and development delay? Check out the explanation below, Mommy.

Age 6 months

  • Cannot show a social smile
  • Cannot roll over
  • Cannot make sound like "Dooo", "Aga", and others
  • Unable to respond or hold objects
  • Unable to lift the shoulders and head on prone position

Age 9 months

  • Unable to wave or point at something
  • Unable to share happiness with others in the form of facial expressions or eye contact
  • Unable to grasp, then release the object
  • Unable to move objects from one hand to another
  • Unable to sit without help
  • Unable to crawl
  • Unable to support his/her body when Mommy helps him/her to stand up

Age 12 months

  • Unable to get to know new people
  • Not able to imitate the voice of others
  • Unable to respond to a familiar voice
  • Unable to recognize games like peek-a-boo
  • Eating is still in liquid form
  • Unable to take toys
  • Unable to lift the body to stand up
  • Unable to stand while holding on

In order for your Little One to have an optimal growth and development, make sure that Mommy is meeting the nutritional needs and stimulation. Complete balanced nutrition can be obtained from fortified products with various growth-supporting nutrients such as choline, essential fatty acids such as DHA and AA, iron, probiotics and prebiotics, as well as calcium and vitamin D. Nutrients fortified into the milk will support brain function, the development of the nervous system, the maintenance gastrointestinal health, the maintenance of bone and teeth density of your Little One.

Moreover, stimulation can be done by taking him/her to learn while playing. Find creative play ideas that can simultaneously stimulate your Little One’s intelligence on the site for children’s growth, Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. Mommy can choose exciting activities that have been adapted to the age of the Little One.

Mommy, please remember, take advantage of the growth and development period of the Little One so that he/she can be a part of a multitalented platinum generation that is ready to face a glorious future with healthy body and good intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence.