Make A Good Cooperation With Your Little One’s Caregiver To Teach Discipline

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Make A Good Cooperation With Your Little One’s Caregiver To Teach Discipline

Educating is one of the Daddy and Mommy's duty to the Little One. Education provided by Daddy and Mommy at home is the initial foundation for the Little One to get to know education outside the home. If home education is good, then it will be beneficial for the development of the Little One.

In the present day, busyness outside the home often makes Daddy and Mommy need help from a Nanny to care for the Little One. However, keep in mind that the role of a caregiver can not replace the role of Daddy and Mommy, especially in terms of educating. Daddy and Mommy remain fully responsible for teaching the Little One about manners, including how to treat the Nanny well.

One of the important issues that must be known when educating the Little One is that the difference in parenting style between Daddy and Mommy and caregiver can be bad for the Little One. Here are some tips that can be done by Mommy for the Little One to be used to caregivers:

Start from the simple but basic things

For starters, Mommy can teach and exemplify simple things first, such as saying thank you, saying please when wanting to ask for help, and learn to apologize when making a mistake. This may seem trivial but very important for the growth and development of the Little One.

Teach the Little One to appreciate his/her caregiver

It is important for Mommy to instill education that the Little One can not act arbitrarily and must respect others, including his/her caregiver. Give example to the Little One on how to do that. Treat the nanny well, and the Little One will follow it.

Agree upon 'reward and punishment'

If the Little One does something expected or unexpected, provide an appropriate response. It is important that the Little One does not do something that is actually prohibited, but is ignored by the nanny. For example, playing too long so that the sleep time is reduced.

Spend time with the Little One

Although the schedule of Daddy and Mommy is busy enough, try to spend time with the Little One every day. Remember, caregivers are not a substitute but only a companion when Daddy and Mommy are outdoors.

One fun way to spend time with the Little One is to play. Identify multiple intelligences owned by the Little One on Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan, then look for exciting and creative activities according to the multiple intelligences. Afterwards, for maximum family quality time, make a plan to play. This will help the development of your Little One’s intelligence optimally.

The good cooperation between Daddy and Mommy and the caregiver will make the implementation of discipline to be more effective. Thus, even though Daddy and Mommy spend most of the time outdoors, the Little One’s education can still run smoothly.