Is It True That The Oldest Child Is The Smartest Compared To His Brothers?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Is It True That The Oldest Child Is The Smartest Compared To His Brothers?

Maybe while reading the title of this article, Mommy who is the eldest son in the family is smiling happily. On the other hand, the reader who is the middle or youngest child will immediately disagree. In fact, the question contains the truth.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Sydney conducted a study of 5000 children from the period before birth until they were 14 years old. Every two years, the team conducted assessments of reading recognition tests and collects information on family backgrounds and financial conditions.

The scientists also monitor the parents' of respondents behavior including smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy and postpartum behavior, such as mental stimulation and emotional support.

The results concluded that the eldest son was smarter than his siblings. This is because the growth and development stimulation received by the eldest child in the first years of life is more intense than the second child. In addition, it is also because the first child tends to be given greater tasks and responsibilities than his siblings. Another conclusion is that parents have more risky habits, such as increased smoking habits, after the second child is born.

It is undeniable that older siblings usually have more duty and responsibility than their brothers and sisters. This is because the parents who did create it. This then makes the emotional intelligence and mindset of the oldest child to be sharper. They are accustomed to facing a problem and looking for a solution.

The same study also found that the Little One’s intelligence was influenced by the parenting of Daddy and Mommy. As new parents, usually young couples will devote all their love and attention to the first child. Daddy and Mommy stimulate the growth and development of the first child more intensely, such as teaching a number of skills. This certainly gives the effect of making the Little One to be more sensitive to one information.

The next conclusion is the change in parenting patterns and habits while being pregnant with the second child and so on. Generally, Daddy and Mommy will become quite busy, causing them to no longer be intense in stimulating the second Little One.

When Daddy and Mommy are busier with daily activities, there is a time when the Oldest Child took over the role of the parents. He/she will take his/her younger sister or brother to play. Again this is a good stimulation and makes the Oldest Little One to be more intelligent.

Although the results of this study showed the above explanation, it should be understood that each child is born into the world by having their own expertise, regardless of the birth order in the family. Support the process of developing the intelligence of the Little Ones by doing appropriate stimulation and at the appropriate age so that he/she can hone all his/her multiple intelligences so as to achieve maximum potential.

Learn more about the multiple intelligences owned by the Little One by accessing the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. Inside the site, Mommy can identify the multiple intelligences that are dominant in the Little One and get ideas of creative stimulation that will support the development of his/her intelligence.