Ideal Bed Time Guide for Your Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Ideal Bed Time Guide for Your Little One

Sleeping is the need of every individual, including your Little One. One important key to the process of growth and development is to sleep. This is because at the time of sleeping, activity of body cell regeneration, growth and development of brain take place at their peak. The children's need of sleeping differs for each stage of age, let’s see the reference below:

Age 0-3 months old

In this period of time, the Little One has no biological clock. Sleep duration may take several minutes to several hours. The newborn can sleep 15-18 hours a day. Biological clock develops at the age of 6 weeks. And at the age of 3 months, most children are no longer confused between day and night so that they have a regular sleep cycle.

Age 4-11 months old

The important task of a Mommy in this age period is to build a healthy sleep pattern. Now, the sleep pattern of the Little One is more like an adult. Ideally, your Little One sleeps 15 hours a day. Nap of 3 times a day can be reduced to twice when your Little One is 6 months old. Short sleep duration usually takes place 30 minutes to 2 hours per session. Generally, from the age of 9 months, most babies start to sleep all night without waking up.

Age 1-2 years old

Eleven to fourteen hours is the time needed by your Little One to sleep in this age period. Short sleep sessions are also reduced to only once with duration of 1 to 3 hours. Avoid short sleep that is too close to night bedtime. This can shift the night bedtime of your Little One later at night. Mommy must also be aware that the Little One will start having difficulty in sleeping or waking up at night due to nightmares.

Age 3-5 years old

Generally, the Little One at this age sleeps for 11-13 hours every night. After the age of 5 years old, most children never have short sleep in daytime again. In this period, the child's imagination power is growing. This makes it easy to experience nightmares.

Age 6-13 years old

In this age period, the Little One has to divide its time with various activities; school, homework, and social activities with friends. Make sure your Little One gets 9-11 hours sleep to keep its body healthy. The challenge for Mommy is your Little One's interest in television shows and games which can make difficulties to sleep.

In order that the Little One is able to get good quality of sleep, Mommy should establish healthy sleep patterns and behaviors. Create a sleeping schedule and make sure your Little One sleep on time. Help him to sleep by creating a comfortbale sleeping atmosphere. Furthermore, fulfillment of alpha-lactalbumin-containing-nutrition has been proved to imrprove your Little One’s quality of sleep. Good luck!