Guidance to Train Your Little one’s peaking Skill Based on Their Age

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Guidance to Train Your Little one’s peaking Skill Based on Their Age

Since pregnancy, your little one can hear different kind of voice. The most important voice he recognizes is mommy’s voice. Stimulation can be given by telling them about your activity, singing or storytelling. How about after the baby is born? What are the normal speech development for children? What can be done to stimulate them? Let see how!

Age 0-3 months old

As explained previously, your little one can hear voices, even during pregnancy. The most familiar voice your little one knows is mommy’s voice. Although your little one does not understand, you can start singing for them. You can ask your little one for a conversation, as if your little one understand what you say.

Age 3-6 months old

At the age of 3-6 months old, your little one can speak in many different voices without any significant meaning or babbling. Stimulate their speaking ability by taking him for a walk and looking at his eyes. Smiling and talk to them. You can follow their babble coming out from their tiny mouth.

Age 6-9 months old

Your little one can play peek-a –boo with you or you can show things to them and mention the name of the item, show your little one his on the mirror and say, “Who is this? this is.. (say your little one’s name).”

Age 9-12 months

When your little one reach 9-12 months, he has the ability to produce sounds like “mama” and papa”. He also shows interest in voices and can recognize some items. Stimulate his intelligence by mentioning the name of body part like eyes, nose, mouth, and ear while pointing at these body part. You can also teach your little one certain words which is followed by body gesture, like “no” which can be emphasized by shaking your head and say” bye-bye” which can be emphasized by waving your hands.

Age 12-15 months

At this age, your children’s babbling ability has improved, by saying “baba, dada”, he can imitate voices made by others, and he can understand order made by others. Involve your little one in his daily activity, ask your little one what kind of cloths he want to wear, his favorite toy etc.

Age 18-24 months

By this time, he has mastered at least 20 words, and up to 50 words at the age of two years old. He can also join two words together, like “want to eat”. Your little one can recognize many different things and familiar faces. Your little one can understand and do two simple instruction all at once. Ask them to do simple instruction like taking off his cloths

Age 2-3 years

Your little one can join three or more words in one sentence. He knows the different in color and know the nature of things (like big-small, cold-hot). Teach your little one about letters and numbers. You can also ask them for a role play, your little one act as the seller and mommy as the buyer.

Children with normal development according to their age, will have a good growth and development process. Their speaking ability can match adults. So, make sure you can stimulate their speaking ability and improve your little one’s speaking skill.