6 Fun Activities to Stimulate Your Little One's Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 July 2017

6 Fun Activities to Stimulate Your Little One's Intelligence

The first 1,000 days of life which is started from conception until your little one’s second birthday is a golden period. This period should be utilized as well as possible, as a child’s brain is developing rapidly. Like a sponge, your little one’s brain is able to absorb various information from his surroundings.

After the first 1,000 days has passed, the brain is still developing although not as fast as before. During this period, the brain cell creates lots of synapses (connections between neurons) that will speed up connection and delivery of stimuli, as well as form new memory.

The formation of synapses will be better if you provide the right stimulation to your little one. Kinds of stimulation that can be done include fun playing activities which provide lots of benefits, such as:

Puzzle play

Engage your little one to play puzzle. There is no specific age guideline on when to start puzzle playing. In the beginning, you may provide big sized puzzle to avoid the risk of your baby inserting puzzle pieces into the mouth and gets choked. Gradually, increase the number and size of puzzle pieces as well as change it into three-dimensional puzzle as your little one’s getting older and adept.

This game will stimulate your little one to think and solve problems. New synapse will be formed, and synapses that have been formed are also strengthened every time he thinks.

Compile blocks

This game is expected to train your little one to solve problems, to understand causal relationship, and flexibility. You can invite him to play blocks starting from compiling simple shapes like poles, cubes, or ever houses for older child. This game will also teach your little one to be patient in achieving goals or targets.

Learn new language

Younger children tend to be more quickly master a new language. This activity will stimulate areas of the brain related to verbal and spatial ability, as well as enrich vocabularies and improve your little one’s reading skill.

Attend courses

Today, there are many additional activities offered for your little one. For examples sport activities, music lessons, hip-hop dance class, etc. Sport may improve social skill as well as balance and motor skill, while music and art may develop his right brain.

Reading books

Routinely reading books to your little one has proven to be a good stimulation. You may choose books with big sized and appealing pictures to make your little one attracted to listen to your story. Reading to your little one will improve his language and reading skills, as well as develop his imagination. It is expected to induce a child’s creativity that will be useful in the future.


While playing, provide your little one a color pencil and a paper. This coloring and drawing activities will add his knowledge about color, stimulate the right brain, as well as increase his creativity.

Other simple, fun activities to stimulate your little one are not limited to those that have been discussed above. There are tons of other playing ideas. If you have no idea, don’t worry! You can find ideas to stimulate your little one in our website Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan and immediately practice it at home. Providing the appropriate stimulation will fully support optimum growth and development of your little one.