Brushing Teeth: An Enjoyable and Healthy Session for the Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 May 2017

Brushing Teeth: An Enjoyable and Healthy Session for the Little One

To ensure that the teeth of the Little One are always healthy and strong, parents should accustom them to brush their teeth. This activity should already be initiated when their teeth first appear, which is at the age of approximately six months. Many parents assume that milk teeth are not important, as it will be eventually replaced by permanent teeth. However, this belief is incorrect. Milk teeth are beneficial to maintain the space within the gums for the permanent teeth as well as to assist the Little One in chewing and speaking. If their hygiene and health is not maintained, caries can occur in the milk teeth, which can lead to infection of the gums, or gingivitis.

Initially, parents can use a soft gauze soaked in clean water to wipe their teeth. When is the right time to use a toothbrush? According to the WebMD website, some dentists suggest that toothbrushes are used when the Little One already has four teeth in a row, whereas other dentists recommend to wait until the age of 2 years old.

When the Little One is already accustomed to cleaning their teeth, parents can add toothpaste containing fluoride at the corner of their toothbrush. The amount should be equivalent to the size of a pea. It is important for this healthy habit to be routinely conducted by the Little One, as often as twice a day.

Brushing teeth in the morning can be done before or after breakfast. Meanwhile, brushing teeth at night should be done after the Little One has finished all eating and drinking activities. Make this a habit before they go to sleep.

Not all children like this activity. For some, this may even be an unpleasant activity. So, should the teeth brushing activity be ignored? Certainly not. Conduct the following tips so that the Little One enjoys brushing their teeth.

Start at an Early Age

Before their first teeth appears, parents should already diligently clean the tongue of the Little One from the milk remainders, to prevent the occurrence of fungal infections. Parents can use a soft gauze soaked in clean water. Do the same thing to the teeth when it first appears. If this is conducted routinely, the Little One will be accustomed to this activity.

Set an Example for the Little One

An effective method to get them accustomed is by setting an example. This is particularly true if the Little One likes to imitate what their parents do. Set a good example by routinely brushing your teeth. Show them that brushing your teeth is a fun and healthy activity, and is necessary to maintain oral and dental hygiene.

Use Attractive Equipments

Nowadays, there are many different types of toothbrushes and toothpastes sold in the market. Let the Little One choose these for themselves, based on their own preferences. By using attractive and personal equipments, it is hoped that the Little One will be more enthusiastic to brush their teeth.

Use Technological Advancements

With the presence of increasingly sophisticated devices that can be utilized, parents can download applications designed specifically for children which contain materials to accompany teeth brushing in an entertaining way. Parents can also search for videos on how to brush their teeth in a good and correct manner for the Little One to view.

Good habits that are planted from an early age will certainly bring positive impacts. Kebiasaan baik yang ditanamkan sejak dini tentu akan membawa dampak positif. Let’s accustom the Little One to routinely brush their teeth twice a day. With that, their oral and dental hygiene will be well-maintained until they become adults.