Address Your Little One's Cold, Cough and Runny Nose Naturally

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 April 2017

Address Your Little One's Cold, Cough and Runny Nose Naturally

Cold is a mild infection of the nose, sinus tract, throat, and upper respiratory tract due to a virus attack. Cold can be experienced by anyone, adults or children. In fact, cold is known as the disease most often experienced by your Little One. Most colds of your Little One do not cause serious complications. But, it is not uncommon for these conditions to make Mommies to be worried and is one of the main cause of visits to the doctor.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not recommend the administration of cold drugs that are sold freely to the Little Ones who are under 2 years old. So, what can you do when your Little One has a cough and runny nose?

Mommy needs to understand that the cold is a disease that can heal by itself because the cause is a viral infection, so it does not need antibiotics. The condition of the Little One will improve on its own without the need for medicine.

When suffering from a cold or a common cold (one type of upper respiratory tract infection), cough is usually experienced by the Little One. Cough is the body's natural response to remove mucus from the airways and protect the lungs.

Do some natural ways below to relieve the cold on your Little One:

  • Give nutrients that contain nucleotides and lactoferrin which functions to increase antibodies against diseases such as cough and runny nose. Nucleotides will strengthen the immune system and support the health of the digestive system. Healthy digestion will make absorption and distribution of nutrients run optimally so that your Little One has a good metabolism. Lactoferrin works on white blood cells to provide immunity. This means, if the needs are met, lactoferrin will prevent the child from experiencing more severe respiratory tract infections caused by viruses and bacteria.
  • Increase water intake, especially warm water
  • Place a humidifier in the Little One’s bedroom to keep the air moist and reduce dryness in the airways and throat.
  • For the Little One who is still a baby, nasal drops containing nasal saline can be given to moisturize and thin the mucus.
  • If the cold is accompanied by fever, give a febrifuge containing acetaminophen.

But, beware if yourLIttle One experiences the following conditions, immediately take him/her to the doctor for examination.

  • The Little One’s age is <3 months.
  • Fever> 38.8 ° C.
  • Your Little One has difficulty in breathing, marked by a flaring nostril every breath, a "cracking" sound, rapid breathing, a visible rib when breathing.
  • Your Little One does not want to eat and drink with signs of dehydration
  • Your Little One is constantly fussy
  • Cough for more than 3 weeks
  • Symptoms are worsening

Keep monitoring the condition of the Little One, if you are worried about the symptoms, don't hesitate to take your Little One to see a doctor.