5 Tricks to Get Your Little One to Be Brave Enough to Be Immunized

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

5 Tricks to Get Your Little One to Be Brave Enough to Be Immunized

Do you know the important factor supporting the process of growth and development of your Little One in addition to nutrition and stimulation? The answer is immunization. This infectious disease prevention program is implemented by giving the vaccine so that an individual is immune to certain diseases. Name the diseases that can have serious impacts, such as polio, diphtheria, pertussis or whooping cough, and measles, all can be avoided by giving immunization.

There are various immunization methods, some are injected, inserted into the mouth and sprayed into the nose or mouth. Administration method also varies, one method is a one-time administration in a lifetime and some are given periodically so that the Little One can get optimal protection. Tetanus is an example of immunization that requires repetition until the child enters school age.

Providing immunization to school-age children has its own challenges for medical personnel as well as fro parents and teachers. Your Little One already understands that one of the methods of immunization is by injection. There are children who fear and refuse immunized. Wow, such a challenge, huh? What can you do for your Little One to not to be afraid of being immunized? Please, read the tips below:

Explain to the your Little One about the benefits of immunization

Do not underestimate the fear of your Little One. What your Little One feels is something reasonable. Prepare your Little One, mentally, by providing information about immunizations that he/she will get. Mommy can explain the benefits of immunization for his health. Use a simple language that he/she understands.

The pain of immunization is not as great as your Little One imagined it to be

Many children are afraid of needles. They imagine the pain will last long and be felt continuously. Mommy can explain to the Little One that the pain is experienced only briefly, provided he/she can stand or sit quietly while immunized. Avoid telling the Little One that immunization will not hurt, because the tolerance for pain of each individual is different.

Remind your Little One that he/she has been through the same thing as a baby

Mommy can explain that the immunization to be done is a continuation of immunization ever gained when his/her age is smaller. Calm your Little One by encouraging him/her that the previous immunizations once went well, nothing to fear.

Let your Little One get acquainted with the medical personnel first

There's nothing wrong with Mommy introducing the Little One to the doctor and nurse on duty. This will make the Little One to feel more comfortable.

Accompany your Little One during immunization

Surely the Little One will feel safe if Mommy is with him/her. Provide support with a hug while calming his/her anxiety. However, if Mommy can not accompany him/her while immunization at school, do it while he/she is still at home. Communicate with the teacher about the Little One's concerns so that the teacher can provide the comfort that the child needs when immunized.

Not hard, is it, Mother? The key is a good communication with the Little One about the importance of immunization so that he/she feels comfortable and dare to go for it. Good luck.