Tips to Make Your Little One Smarter

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Tips to Make Your Little One Smarter

Does Mommy know that the Little One’s brain growth has begun since the conception? The growth of brain cells branching is the fastest since six months of pregnancy until the Little One is 3 years old. Fetal brain cells have grown and developed since the first month of pregnancy and then divide up to billions of cells.

Since the pregnancy reaches six months of age, brain cells form many synapses (connections between brain cells) that will create complex functional sequences. The quality of brain function is highly dependent on nutrition and stimulation obtained from the womb until the child is 3 years old. After the age of 3 years, the development process slows down. Therefore, Mommy should make the most of this time.

According to Dr. Jean Clinton, professor at McMaster University, Canada, the more that Mommy interacts with the Little One, the better the brain grows. So, what are the activities that Mommy can do at home to stimulate the growth and development of the Little One’s brain? Check out the answer below:

Eye contact

Very simple, right? According to Dr. Clinton, staring at the Little One is like playing tennis; there is a serve and there is a backlash. "When the Little One stares at Mommy closely, Mommy responds with a smile or a greeting," he said. This strengthens the relationship between parent and child, and simultaneously stimulates the brain.

Having a “conversation”

By inviting the Little One to speak early, Mommy is enriching the vocabulary. Do not underestimate the voices made by the Little One, though they are still without meaning but it is a sign of his linguistic intelligence growing.

Playing time

The bigger the Little One gets, the more he/she will learn. He/she throws a toy and Mommy will get it. This will teach him/her about cause and effect. Mommy can also give her a sounding toy. The Little One will think how to make the toys to produce sound.

Reading a book

Reading a story book is one of the most powerful ways of stimulation because it involves multiple senses at once; sight, hearing, and touch. For the Little One on his/her baby age, Mommy can choose a book with many pictures and made of cloth or a thick cardboard so as not to be easily torn and.


Stimulation that is not less important for the Little One is by touching. Do not be too fixated that every activity should be done in order to sharpen intelligence alone. All must stay balanced. When you're relaxed at home, tightly hug and cuddle your Little One. This will make him/her feel safe and comfortable because Mommy is nearby.

For the Little One who is big enough, stimulation can be given by doing games that are full of educational value such as playing puzzles, guessing words, coloring, and others. No need to be confused in choosing exciting activities, now they are all available at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan.

Initially, Mommy can use the facility of identification of multiple intelligences to determine what multiple intelligences are dominant in the Little One. Then, look for the idea of a fun game for stimulation, according to the category of multiple intelligence of the Little One. To be more optimal, make a play plan that consists of stimulation of other multiple intelligences so as to sharpen all the potential of the Little One optimally. Let’s get your Little One playing!