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Why Are Choline and Iron Important for the Children?

Morinaga Platinum - 19 July 2023

The two important keys for children’s optimum development are good nutrition and proper stimulation. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of children who suffer from nutritional problems, even to malnutrition cases. Apparently, nutritional problems are the beginning of 35 percent of diseases suffered by children under 5 years old.

The development of children’s cognitive, motor, communication and social skills is a continuous process. The nerve synapse will be completely connected with the right nutrition and stimulation.  So, what are the essential nutrients needed for the nerve development?

In 1998, choline was put in the group of important nutrients by Institute of Medicine. Choline is very beneficial for the fetus’ brain and memory formation, reducing the abnormalities of neural tube in the fetus, as well as reducing the production of homocysteine (free radicals which are harmful to the body).

A study also concluded that giving choline supplementation during neonatal period (0-28 days) can improve long-term memory. In order to fulfill the needs of choline, Moms could serve food chicken or beef liver, eggs, salmon, milk, chicken, beef as its basic ingredients.

In addition to choline, another nutrient that is not less important is iron. Moms, do you know that iron is a mineral that is often found to be lacking in the body? Iron is needed to form hemoglobin as a component of the red blood cells component in the body, regulate hormones in the bloodstream, and beneficial for the immune system. Iron also contributes in decreasing the development rate of bad microorganisms.

Well, if the need of iron is not fulfilled, our body may be exposed to several disorders such as microcytic anemia, a condition in which the red blood cells is low due to iron deficiency in the body and peripheral nerve abnormalities. In order to meet the needs of iron, Moms could provide the children with meats, spinach, fortified foods (foods with added iron), as well as supplements.

The perfect solution to fulfill the children needs of choline and iron is by providing them with the milk for development Morinaga Platinum MoriCare + Prodiges. This product is a synergy of the three supporting factors for an optimum development, which are Multiple Intelligences (omega 6, omega 3, iron, choline), Double Body Defense (lactoferin, prebiotic), and Optimum Development (whey protein, magnesium, and so on). Of course, the combination of complete nutrition and proper stimulation will support the children to be the multitalented platinum generation.

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