Child Care

This Stimulation will Make the Children be More Intelligent

Morinaga Platinum - 20 July 2023

To optimize your children’s development, they need to receive stimulation consistently. Lack of stimulation can affect their development and will have a negative impact on their intelligence.

What does stimulation mean? Stimulation is an activity done to stimulate children’s basic ability to grow optimally. That is why doing stimulation in each stage of their development is very important.

Children’s development process is very important during their golden period, which is the first thousand days of their life. According to research, interaction between parents and the children has an enormous impact on children’s emotional development, learning ability, and cognitive function development.

Moms could interact with the children by touching, hugging, talking listening to them, and reading stories. All of these activities are very useful for their brain development.

So what do they need in order to develop optimally according to their potential? Check out the following:

  • They should feel safe
  • They should know that they are special
  • They must be discipline
  • Children should learn about what actions that are can and can’t do
  • They should be introduced to the surroundings through books, music, and educational toys.
  • They should feel confident about what is expected from their surroundings

In doing stimulation for children’s development, Moms should take note on some basic principles, which are:

  • Stimulation is done based on love and affection
  • Show good attitude and behavior to be modeled by the children. A positive surrounding can provide comfort for them.
  • By playing, you are also stimulating them. For example, by singing or dancing. Most importantly, the activity is done with fun and without force.
  • When stimulating the children, Moms could use some tools, but make sure that the tools are simple and safe for them.
  • Do not differentiate the stimulation between boys and girls.

Even though the crucial period of brain development occurs in the age group of 0-3 years, where their brain size will reach 90 percent of the adult’s, does not mean that their development stops right there. After passing through this crucial period, Moms still have to give them stimulation for an optimal development.

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