Multiple Intelligences

The Importance of Recognizing Children’s Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum - 23 January 2019

Moms must want the children to grow up as intelligent individuals. However, parents often misunderstand intelligence as talent. Each child is born special and they have their own potential. In order for Moms to optimally develop their potential, you must know the difference between intelligence and talent first.

Intelligence is the overall capacity to handle problems. Intelligence is generally associated with the IQ ability and abilities such as reading, writing and arithmetic, while talent is the ability possessed by someone in a particular field, such as singing, dancing, playing soccer and so on.

Intelligence is actually divided into some parts. According to the USA education expert, Professor Howard Gardner, there are 8 of children’s multiple intelligences. In order to optimize children’s potential, check out the following:

Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence emphasizes the ability in using language through reading, writing, and speaking. If your children are very prominent in playing with words, making stories and poetry, giving speeches, and like to engage with discussion and debate, then they can be categorized as children with linguistic intelligence.

Logic-Mathematical Intelligence

Logic-mathematical intelligence relates to numbers, mathematics, and logic to understand the various patterns that occur in life. Those patterns include mindset, numbers, visual, colors, etc. Try to notice this, do they like to play puzzle? How about solving riddles? If the answer is yes, then they have this type of intelligence.

Spatial Visual Intelligence

If the children are adept at painting, making figures from play wax, the art of folding paper, or creating building from blocks, this means that they are blessed with spatial visual intelligence. This type of intelligence relates to shapes, images, patterns, colors, designs, and textures that can be seen with eyes. They also excel in geometry so they are good at reading maps and visualizing objects and buildings.

Kinesthetic Intelligence

Children with this type of intelligence are generally athletic, proficient in various sports and physical activities, such as dancing, riding bicycle, swimming, and playing soccer.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to connect with others, especially friends and colleagues. If the children look outgoing in socializing at school and other environment that they have a lot of friends and happy to work in a team, then they have interpersonal intelligence.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

This intelligence allows children to introspect the meaning and purpose of life, trust, emotion and spirituality of themselves.

Naturalist Intelligence

Children with this type of intelligence are very interested in and appreciate everything related to the nature, such as plants, animals, environment, weather, and so on.

Musical Intelligence

If the children are adept at recognizing the tone, rhythm, and sound as well as good at singing and playing musical instruments mean that they have the musical intelligence. This type of intelligence emphasizes the ability to recognize tones, vibrations, sounds and taps.

Well, what intelligence do you think your children have? Try to pay attention when they are playing and interacting with the surroundings. If Moms have recognized their type of intelligence, it will be easier to do the stimulation. Stimulation is an effective way to maximize children’s development, so it should be done early. And remember this, Moms, the more you do stimulation towards the children, you have more chances to find out other intelligence that your children might have.

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