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Teaching Baby How to Swim Safely

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

Playing with the water could be a pretty fun activity for the babies. Therefore, it is good to take along your baby to swim. Aside from being fun, swimming can actually stimulate the babies’ physical development and muscles formation. The best time to teach your babies to swim is when they enter the age of 4-7 months. On the other hand, do not teach them how to swim if they are not at that certain age yet, because their body temperature is still vulnerable to cold.

Moms, teach the baby how to swim is certainly not an easy job. Therefore, you need to have appropriate measures for safety purposes. Let’s find some of the following tips!

Pay Attention to the Babies’ Body Condition

The important thing to consider before swimming is the babies’ condition. Moms should make sure that they are healthy enough to do sport. It is advised that their activities are not disturbing their napping time, as it will affect their health.

Make Sure That the Pool is Safe

Before swimming, Moms should check the pool’s condition. Ensure that the water is not too cold and not too deep for babies. It is better that they swim in a special pool for babies, so that the swimming activity will go smoothly.


Babies are still vulnerable, so Moms should provide extra protections for them, starting from protecting their skin, wearing a comfortable swimsuit, and the protection in the pool. Aside from providing security, make sure that your babies can move comfortably, so they will enjoy swimming.

Begin Slowly

Teaching babies how to swim doesn’t mean that you bring them directly into the pool, Moms. At least, you have to encourage them to be brave to go into the water first. This can be started by playing water by the pool. Just when they get used to the water, you can try to carry them into the pool.

Well, hopefully Moms could teach the babies how to swim by following some of the above tips. Make sure that they are not too long in the water, as their skin is still sensitive. 10 minutes is enough for them to swim.

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