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If Your Babies Have Yet to Crawl

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

Crawling is one of babies’ developmental stages before finally being able to walk. However, some babies actually pass through this stage and surpass to the walking stage. Even so, some Mommies worry about this condition regarding their babies’ growth as crawling is often associated with their intelligence. Crawling is also considered as a major milestone towards babies’ development.

This assumption is not wrong, Moms. This is because crawling provides various benefits for the babies, such as strengthening their muscle system and limbs, supporting their body coordination, and stimulating their sensitivity. Therefore, it would be good if your babies are experiencing the crawling stage.

So, what happens if the babies have yet to crawl? This can be caused by several factors, one of them is they are too lazy or lack of stimulation. Therefore, Moms need to stimulate them so they want to crawl. Here are some steps that Moms could try:

  1. To crawl, ensure that the babies are able to lay on both of their stomach and back by their own. Moms could train them by putting them on their stomach. By doing this, babies will try to lift their head and body.
  2. Put the babies in a wide, sloping, soft and safe area, so they can move freely.
  3. Try to tempt them using their favorite toy. Put the toy at a distance that is quite difficult for them to reach. Moms could also play along with the toy so the babies are interested to reach the toy out.
  4. Give them an example. Moms could ask them to play and crawl together, so the babies will be more eager to crawl.

Those four steps will certainly work if done regularly, Moms. However, if this attempt can’t make the babies to crawl, Moms should consult a doctor. If this condition occurs, usually the babies will require a special therapy to stimulate their ability to move.

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