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8 Ways to Train Children’s Speech Capability

Morinaga Platinum - 23 January 2019

Moms must certainly want the children to develop according to the stage of their age. Therefore, it is important to do a directed stimulation for their basic capabilities that cover all development aspects, which are gross and fine motor, speech and language, as well as social and independent.

One that is often neglected by parents is to notice the signs of speech delay on the children. With so much literature about children’s development, Moms could easily get the information on guidance for speech capability according to age. However, it would be good that you train and stimulate your children’s speech capability since an early age.

If children are always surrounded with conversation, they will learn language faster than other children who are rarely to be talked to. They will also be knowledgeable, because they are not only introduced to language but also exposed to some general knowledge related to the words or objects that they learn. So, is it easy to stimulate speech capability? Check out the following 8 tips:

  1. Talk to the children while doing an activity, as If they can understand what is being said. When carrying them, Moms could point out objects that interest them and mention the names.
  2. Use words that are short and easy so it is easy for the children to understand.
  3. Make them listen to some objects that make different sounds. For example, radio, bell, etc. if the children are able to beat something, give them objects that can produce various sounds like an electric toy piano.
  4. Make every moment with the children filled with sound. Do not forget to show certain expression to make it easier for them to understand the meaning. For example, when taking a bath, explain that you will pour water to their body that will make it wet.
  5. Extend your words. For example, when the children say ‘train’. Then you could respond by saying, ‘Right, this is train… a blue train.”
  6. Take the time to read them a storybook. Try to get book that has big pictures with short words or phrases on each page. Reading them books can begin when they are 6 months old.
  7. Once in a while, Moms could ask the children the name of an image. They may not understand what you ask right away. After asking, Moms could slowly and clearly answer it.
  8. Ask the children to speak by babbling like a child (not an actual language). There is no restriction to do this but it would be better if you teach them words with the correct pronunciation.

Those are 8 easy steps that you could do to stimulate the children to have good speech and language capabilities. How is it, Moms? Are you ready to practice it at home?

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