Tips to go through the third trimester comfortably

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 27 November 2019

Tips to go through the third trimester comfortably

The third trimester of pregnancy is going on since at the 28 weeks till 40 weeks of pregnancy. The fatigue in going through this trimester might make Mom want to leave this stage quickly. However, Mom still has to keep your spirit to go through this and try  to enjoy every process, Mom.

In the third trimester, Mom will also have physical and psychic changes. Physically, the belly will get bigger while psychologically Mom will experience anxiety before delivery. For that, when approaching childbirth, the husband or family must play an active role and create a conducive environment, the hope is that it can calm Mom's psychic. Which should not be ignored is don’t forget to check your health more routinely during the pregnancy so that Mom's physical condition is more ready before the day of delivery.

Some third trimester pregnancy tricks

Weight gain, uterus and the fetus size enlargement can make Mom easily get tired. To overcome this, Mom can do the following things below:

  • Get the rest time more. Mom can sleep early at night and get used to getting a nap. If Mom is still working, take a short break by closing your eyes for a few minutes and raising your legs.
  • Consuming food that could add more energy is also important, like food that contains protein and complex carbohydrates such as wheat breads or walnuts. In addition, consume more vegetables and fruits.
  • Routine exercise every day such as swimming, walking, or yoga is also very important during pregnancy. It doesn't have to be long, at least 20 to 30 minutes every day is enough.
  • Drink lots of water so Mom doesn't get dehydrated.
  • Limit the activities that are not important.

Shortness of breath is also often experienced while pregnant. This condition is caused by the muscle below lungs being squeezed by the uterus that continues to grow, so that the lungs are difficult to inflate perfectly. The impact, Mom becomes more difficult to breathe. Mom can overcome this problem by improving your body position so that the lungs have enough room to inflate. When sleeping, Mom can also support your head and shoulders with a pillow.

Back pain is also a condition experienced by pregnant women. This condition could happen because a third trimester pregnant Mom’s back has to sustain body weight more than usual. This pain is also caused by the development of relaxin hormone during the pregnancy. This hormone can loosen joints between bones in the pelvis area and trigger the back pain. If Mom experienced this condition, Mom can overcome it by doing these:

  • Pelvic exercises. Place Mom's body as if you are going to crawl, but stay still. After that, shake your pelvis up and down. But Mom must ensure that the back position remains straight, okay.
  • Mom can sleep sideways by putting a cushion behind your back, then slipping a pillow between your legs.
  • If Mom is traveling, Mom should use comfortable shoes, like low heels, because these shoes are good for your back.

Next, Mom will experience frequent urination while pregnant. The closer to the due date, Mom’s fetus will move down to the pelvis area and this is why there is a pressure on the bladder. This condition has become one of the factors of frequent urination increase, and makes it easier to leak out when Mom sneezes or laughs. To resolve those, Mom can apply these methods below:

  • Avoid consuming caffeine drinks (coffee, tea, or soda) because these drinks can make Mom pee more often.
  • Don’t hold back when Mom wants to urinate, because this might increase the frequency to go to the toilet.
  • Mom can do a kegel exercise.

Those all that Mom will experience when your pregnancy is entering the third trimester and how to overcome it. If Mom has already done those tips but Mom doesn’t feel better, it’ll be better that Mom consults it immediately to your obstetrician. During the pregnancy, Mom is suggested to look after the food menu and healthy lifestyle.

Enjoy the process and happy waiting for little one, Mom