The Important Role of Milk in Determining the Future of the Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 18 July 2023

The Important Role of Milk in Determining the Future of the Little One

Having a child with good achievements is undoubtedly the hope of all parents. In order to ensure that this is achieved, parents should ensure that the growth and development process of the Little One proceeds optimally, particularly in the first two years of life, during which up to 80 percent of brain development occurs.

Nutrition is one of the key factors to support the growth and development as well as the intelligence of the Little One. Therefore, maximum nutritional support should be given since the Little One is in the womb of the mother. One of the most important intake given to the Little One is milk.

For Little Ones aged 0-2 years old, breast milk is one of the best nutritional choices. Breast milk contains complete nutritional contents in accordance to the requirements of the Little One. Furthermore, breast milk also contains antibodies, so that the defence system of the Little One becomes stronger. Based on this, the WHO recommends the provision of exclusive breastfeeding for Little Ones aged 0-6 months. Following that, breast milk can still be continued up to the aged of 2 years, with the addition of complementary food.

However, not all mothers can breastfeed their Little Ones, which may be due to various reasons such as breastfeeding problems or certain medical conditions. In these circumstances, the provision of formula milk may be required. Before selecting a type of formula milk, parents should first read about the tips to select the appropriate formula milk for the Little One.

Although it is not the same as breast milk, formula milk is designed to have a composition that is as similar as possible to breast milk. In Indonesia, the contents of formula milk is tightly monitored by the National Agency for Drug and Food Control (NA-DFC), so the main composition, such as amount of energy, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, present in formula milk is relatively similar for different types of formula milk.

Nevertheless, there could be a difference in the additional composition between one product and the other. Ensure that the formula milk selected contains complete nutrients for the growth and development of the Little One, such as vitamins and minerals with a balanced composition in accordance to their needs.

To support the brain development of the Little One, parents can select formula milk containing omega-6, omega-3, AA, DHA, alpha lactalbumin, choline, and iron.

If the nutritional requirements of the Little One is well met, their physical growth and intelligence development will proceed smoothly. Balanced nutrition will provide energy for the Little One to actively play, learn, and explore their environment.

Maximizing nutritional support in the form of breast milk and formula milk is very important for the growth and development of the child. For this purpose, KALBE Nutritionals, together with Morinaga Research Center in Japan, has provided a range of Morinaga products that can fulfill the nutritional requirements and support the growth and development of the Little One. The range of products from Morinaga consists of:

Morinaga Chil Kid Soya (1-3 years) and Morinaga Chil School Soya (3-12 years) are nutritious milk products for growth, containing basic ingredients such as soy protein isolates without the addition of lactose, to manage the symptoms of cow’s milk allergy in the Little One who have been diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy.

Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP is a nutritious milk product for growth in children aged 1-3 years old, to reduce the risk of allergies in Little Ones who are at risk of allergies. Morinaga Chil Kid P-HP contains cow’s milk proteins that have been processed enzymatically, so that it is easier to digest and reduces hypersensitivity reactions as well as risk of allergies in children who have a history of allergies.

Therefore, parents should ensure that they provide the right nutrition for the Little One, in order to ensure that they grow to become a healthy and accomplished child.