Support Your 4-5 Year-Old Little One's Intelligence Development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 May 2017

Support Your 4-5 Year-Old Little One's Intelligence Development

Who is not proud to see the Little One to grow up healthy and intelligent? Mommy will definitely do everything possible for the process of growth and development to go optimally in accordance with the stages appropriate of his/her age. When the Little One is born, not all brain cell connections are connected. Brain cell connections are formed when the Little One gets stimulation and new knowledge. Of course, brain cells that connect well will support the learning process furthermore.

The development of brain function does need the support of two important things; complete and balanced nutrition and proper and age-appropriate stimulation. Complete the nutritional needs of the Little One by giving him/her nutrients that contain omega-3, omega-6, choline, and alpha-lactalbumin that will support the development of brain function. Give the stimulation needed by the Little One early on, for example, by singing, talking to him, and training his physical abilities.

When the Little One enters the end of toddler ageor 4-5 years, his/her development will be very fast. Mommy will see that he/she can reach the stage of development physically, intellectually, and emotionally. Although the achievement of each child is different from one another but Mommy needs to know the parameters of ability achievement in order to make preparation of stimulation.

Here's a guide for growth and development of the Little One at the age of 4-5 years:

Language development

  • The Little One will use longer and complicated sentences. He/she has more and more vocabulary, about 1500 words
  • Is able to tell a longer and sequential story
  • Is showing interest to read or write
  • The Little One begins to argue

Social and emotional development

  • The Little One begins to be independent, he/she also starts to play alone in a long time
  • Likes to socialize or play with other children
  • Starts to be sensitive to the feelings of others
  • Can entertain others who may be sad

Cognitive Development

  • The Little One understands the concept of numbers and can count up to 20
  • Enjoys role playing experiments (role play)
  • Is able to remember many things, especially events that he/she deems special
  • Can make decisions independently

The pattern of parenting greatly influences the growth and development of the Little One. Therefore, the interaction between Daddy, Mommy, and the Little One should be nurtured early on. Such interactions, which include skills stimulation, are the foundation of the development of Multiple intelligence of your Little One.

According to Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University, there are 8 multiple intelligences possessed by each individual namely linguistic intelligence, mathematical logic, musical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist. All the potential of multiple intelligences if properly honed from an early age will be able to achieve their maximum potential.

How to know which intelligence is more dominant in the Little One? Mommy can find out by using the facility of identification of multiple intelligences in the growth and development Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan.. Afterwards, Mommy can find creative stimulation ideas in the form of exciting games, there. In order for the stimulation to run precisely also thoroughly, make a play plan that consists of several types of games.

Come on, support the Little One to reach his/her maximum potential with complete nutrition and proper stimulation!