Suitable Learning Style for an Introvert Child

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 October 2017

Suitable Learning Style for an Introvert Child

As parents, you must have heard the term introvert. Introvert is frequently misunderstood as shy. However, the two are very different.

In fact, an introvert person is not afraid of social situation like a shy person. Different than spontaneous extrovert, people with introvert personality may look shy because they are internally processing all the information and think first before talking.

If your child prefers individual activity such as reading and writing daily journal rather than group activity, he can be classified as an introvert. He will also be more comfortable and enjoy doing activities to be done alone rather than working with others. Introvert does not afraid of social situation like a shy person.

A shy person is an individual with a trait that is formed because fear of being unaccepted in his environment. Shyness may come out due to self-discomfort when facing new social situation. You have to know that there’s nothing wrong for being introvert. Just like someone who use right or left as his dominant hand, introvert or extrovert is two common traits found in children.

It takes longer for your introvert child to process new information than extrovert child. It’s not because he is less smart than extroverts but rather the work process of an introvert brain is more complex. That is why an introvert child might not be comfortable if he has to work with his peers.

When following the learning process at the school, it’s not uncomment for an introvert child to feel distressed and uncomfortable because it takes longer for him to understand new lessons and do the tasks. Meanwhile, the rhythm and pace of learning in the class are often generalized.

So, what kind of learning method that is suitable for an introvert child? First, parents, caregivers, and teachers at school should have the same mindset about introvert child. Remember, do not ever force your introvert child to carry out the same attitude like others who are mostly extrovert.

Your little one, who is introvert, does not have to study in a particular school or special class. He really can feel comfortable in public school as long as you and the school teacher are able to communicate regarding your child’s trait.

So, is there any tips to facilitate learning of introvert children? Below are the answers:

  1. The number of pupils are very influential. It is better to choose school with reasonable number of pupils in a class. The fewer pupils in a class, the better.
  2. Explain to the school that your child needs longer time to think and finish the tasks so that the teacher may understand and adjust his teaching pace.
  3. Let your child choose where he wants to sit in a class, to feel comfortable. If he is reluctant to opine, choose a seat located on the side or back row. This position is usually comfortable for an introvert child.
  4. If allowed, discuss with the teacher the possibility of bringing his favorite books to the class. When he feels tired or uncomfortable, the book can cheer him up. This will prevent him from getting distressed.
  5. Motivate your child. Explain that difference is something usual. He only needs a slightly different way of learning from his friends and that’s what makes him special.
  6. Occasionally, encourage your child to mingle with his friends, but if he looks uncomfortable, do not force.