When Is The Appropriate Time To Give Additional Nutrition For Your Little One?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 March 2017

When Is The Appropriate Time To Give Additional Nutrition For Your Little One?

It can not be denied again that breast milk is the best nutrition for the Little One. WHO also suggests exclusive breastfeeding within the first six months of the Little One’s life.

The nutritional and bioactive composition contained in breast milk is very beneficial for health and the formation of the immune system of your Little One. Breast milk contains anti-infective component, anti-inflammatory component, ingredients for growth, and probiotic. Breast milk also has a dynamic nutritional content, this means that the nutritional content of breast milk can change in adjustment with  the nutritional needs of the Little One’s growth.

If the condition of Mommy and the Little One are appropriate, breast milk can be continued until the Little One 2 years old, interspersed with complementary foods. The benefits of breastfeeding are abundant, among them is to form a strong emotional bond between Mommy and the Little One, to provide better immune system, to reduce the risk of breast and cervical cancer on the Mommy.

However, not infrequently because of certain conditions and constraints, the Little One can not get milk. Nutritional needs are to be filled with an alternative source of nutrients that is formula milk. It should be noted for Mommy that formula feeding should be on the recommendation of the doctor along with a proper milk product selection.

The content of formula milk certainly can not be equated with breast milk because no one can match the composition of breast milk. We recommend that you select the product that has the most complete additional composition. This will certainly support the process of growth and development of the Little One to run optimally. This for example is to select a product containing substances essential for physical growth and brain development, such as calcium, vitamin D, choline, DHA, AA, alpha lactalbumin, omega-3, omega-6, and iron .

Thus, based on the above explanation, additional nutrients can be given to the Little One after the exclusive breastfeeding period is over, ie, over the age of 6 months. Provide Breast milk as much as possible for optimal growth and development.