Premature Birth, The cause and risk fetus born at the age of 7 months

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2020

Premature Birth, The cause and risk fetus born at the age of 7 months

Mom must be heard about the danger of premature birth to the little one growth and development often. Many of health disorder that the little one will experience because of imperfect development while in the womb. That is why, regular check up by a doctor to know about fetus development while at the age of 7 months pregnancy is really important.

If Mom wants to know more about the risk and the cause of premature birth, Morinaga Platinum already summarized it, look at it below.

What is premature birth?

Premature birth happen when regular contraction goes to the opening of the cervix after 20 weeks and before 37 weeks pregnancy. This means 7 months old fetus position in the womb has to go out from there because some of the factors. Usually a premature baby has low body weight that end up with some of the health disorder because of his/her growth disturbance.

What are the causes of baby born premature?

A research in California San Francisco summarized that there are some factors baby born premature. Which are:

  • Under age pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy distance too close.
  • Premature birth before.
  • Experience severe stress to depression.
  • Smoking and consuming certain drugs during pregnancy.
  • Underweight.
  • Unhealthy lifestyle.

What are the risks for baby whose born at the age of 7 months?

Earlier premature birth happen, bigger health risks that could little one has. Because the age of pregnancy is really needed for little one in the womb to optimize the internal body organs growth. Mom needs to know what are the risks that could happen when a baby is born at the age of 7 months, here are below:

  • Unbalanced body fluids because of kidney function not perfect yet. Mostly, premature babies experienced electrolyte deficiency that make them dehydrated.
  • Occurrence of nutrition disturbance because of immature digestive system. Therefore, it is recommended for premature babies to get breast milk exclusively which is easy to digest and capable to increase baby’s immune system.
  • Having a breathing problem because its incomplete development when in the womb. Premature baby’s lungs have a low elasticity which triggers an interference oxygen supply to the other important organs.
  • Suffering from hyperbilirubinemia or jaundice because of liver function not yet perfectly formed. There is a buildup of bilirubin in the blood causing jaundice to the baby.
  • Baby will experience infection because of red blood cells and white blood cells in his/her body not develop well. In fact that white blood cells are really important to protecting the body from germs and foreign invaders.

How to prevent premature birth?

There are a few things that Mom could do to prevent the baby to born premature at the age of 7 months:

  • Maintain ideal body weight during pregnancy
  • Eat nutritious balanced meals.
  • Overcome the stress with good various ways.
  • Get enough rest.
  • Do a checkup regularly.

 Mom should know that 7 months fetus position is a birth-ready position. But there are some of the internal body organs are not fully growth. It makes 7 months pregnancy is not the right time for the baby to be born, called premature birth. Mom should fulfill all the nutrition intake that the little one needs as much as possible so the little one born healthy.