Is Classical Music Proved To Increase Your Little One’s Intelligence?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Is Classical Music Proved To Increase Your Little One’s Intelligence?

Mozart effect has been known since the 90s as a way to improve the intelligence of the Little One through the strains of classical music. Is that true? The phenomenon of Mozart's effect originated in the United States and then spread worldwide. Classical music is considered to improve the intelligence of the Little One when played early on. This means since the Little One in the Mommy’s womb.

However, unfortunately this phenomenal theory is proven to be not true. Until now there is no research that can prove that classical music can improve the intelligence of the Little One. The existing research was conducted on a group of students and the result was an increase in spatial ability shortly after listening to classical music. The increase is not permanent.

However, it does not mean music does not bring any impact for the Little One Mom. Music, of all kinds, influences one's emotions and mood. Exposing the Little One to listen to music since he/she is still in the womb can help the neural bridge in which thinking and information processing happen. BBC Health News reported that the researchers revealed that music can stimulate alpha waves in the brain to create a sense of calm and serenity on the Little One.

Music with fast rhythm can trigger anxiety or enthusiasm, while melodic music with a slow rhythm can calm the mind. The soft rhythm of classical music can soothe an anxious fetus to relax, as well as it is on Mommy.

The researchers revealed that there is one voice that absolutely gives peace and relaxation to the prospective baby in the womb. Whoa, what's that sound, huh? Apparently, the voice of the singing Mommy alone can do that.

Since the age of 4 months of pregnancy, the Little One is able to hear, feel, and save memory that can help the development of education and emotional. Talking to the Little One in a warm conversation since the Little One is the womb will build a strong emotional bond between Mommy and the Little One.

Do Mommy know that musical intelligence is included in 9 multiple intelligences (multiple intelligence) covering many areas of everyday life. Other multiple intelligences are linguistic, logical mathematical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist and moral intelligence.

Musical intelligence is an intelligence that emphasizes the ability to understand music as a medium of self-expression. The Little One who has this intelligence usually likes to listen to songs, quickly remember newly heard songs, and sensitive to various sounds and tones. Develop this intelligence by specific stimulation such as sound guessing, mimicking a variety of sounds, and singing while playing. For other creative play ideas that can stimulate musical intelligence, Mommy can see them on the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan website.

Proper and age-appropriate stimulation will support the development of the Little One’s Intelligence in order to be optimal so that he/she can reach his/her maximum potential.