Don't Take Your Little One's Playing Activity Lightly

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Don't Take Your Little One's Playing Activity Lightly

Playing definitely tops the activity most favoured but Little One. Not only that playing will fill the leisure time and make hin/her relaxed, but playing also useful in building his/her motor skills. What does playing have to do with learning?

When the Little One is experiencing the process of growth and development, he/she needs balanced nutrition and proper stimulation so that the process can be optimal. Stimulation can be done by playing. By playing, the Little One sharpens his/her creativity and analytical power, develops patterns of socialization and confidence, and exercises his/her motor skills. All that will stimulate the formation of synapses (connection between brain cells) in the brain of the Little One.

Stimulation can be obtained from playing as long as the game done contains educational elements. Mommy can make a list and schedule to play for the Little One so that the stimulation done can sharpen his/her intelligence thoroughly and maximally. Schedule the Little One’s play plan every day for a week. So, what games can be done to hone the intelligence of the Little One? Check out the following:

Building blocks

Playing building blocks or building a house can train fine motor skills and hone the imagination of Little One. Mommy can give an example of how a shape is made from a stack of blocks then ask Little One to follow it.


This game provides stimulation through problem-solving thinking. By pairing puzzle pieces, Little One learns to depict the whole picture. When he or she completes it successfully, retry the process to practice cognitive skills (thinking ability and rationale, including the process of remembering, judging, orientation, preception and attention). Do not forget to give appreciation to build confidence.


This game can train the listening sense of Little One. It's actually easy. Close your Little One's eyes then ask him or her shour, "Marco!" and then Mommy must answer, "Polo!". By hearing the voice of Mommy, Little One is expected to find the position of Mommy. If successful, move the position of Mommy and repeat the game.


This game is done like playing basketball but Mommy can take advantage from the tools that can be found in home environment, such as clothes basket. Place the basket at some distance away from the position of Little One and then throw the ball into it together. Mommy can make a small competition for Little One to be enthusiast. This game trains the motor skill, the sense of vision and sportsmanship of Little One.

Do Mommy sometimes run out of ideas to play with Little One? No worries, now Mommy can access the growth and development site Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. There, Mommy can use a facility of identification of multiple intelligence that can help identify the ultiple intelligences owned by Little One.

There are 9 multiple intelligences that encompass many areas of everyday life namely linguistic, logical mathematical, musical, kinaesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist dan moral intelligence. If Mommy already know the intelligence of Little One, Mommy can find more creative play ideas that can stimulate Little One's potential.

In addition to proper stimulation, balanced nutrition factors also play an important role in supporting the growth and developement of Little One. Make sure he or she gets all the nutrients needed to grow optimaly. Hava fun playing!