Conquer Your Children’s Fear by Doing These Three Easy Steps

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 April 2017

Conquer Your Children’s Fear by Doing These Three Easy Steps

Fear can occur to anyone, including your children. When faced by terrifying situation, your children may cry or shout. This fear often causes depression, anxiety or severe panic. Up to this time, the etiology of phobia has not been clearly defined, but there are several factors that contribute to this condition, such as:

  • Traumatic event. Some events can traumatize somebody and cause some degree of trauma, for example being attack by an animal, or trapped in a small room like inside an elevator.
  • Having parents with phobia. Memory of fear can be transmitted to the next generation through DNA. This finding is confirmed in a study performed in School of Medicine, Emory University in Atlanta. That study conclude that experimental mouse transmitted its memory to its offspring. In this study, the traumatic event is the smell of cherry blossom flower.

As parents, you can help your children conquer their fear, so this fear will not transform into phobia. Do the following steps:

Fear usually occur due to unfamiliarity

Inform your children about the things that they afraid of. Therefore, expose your children with information about the things that they afraid of. If they afraid of cat, give a complete and interesting information about animal, funny animal pictures from television or storybook.

Expose your children to their fear

Your little one can not conquer their fear if he does not try to face it in the first place. Make sure that your children do not avoid the traumatic source. For example, fear of being on the spotlight. As parents, you can encourage your children to socialize more (by putting your children into certain course and join a playdate). Avoiding the source of fear can only be a temporary solution, but do not help them with conquering their fear effectively.

Traumatic event is not a laughing matter

Source of fear can be different from one person to the other. You can consider the source of your children’s fear as a laughing matter. But, this fear is a serious problem for your children. Show them that you have sympathy and ready to help. Your children need to know that you are on their side to conquer their fear.

The key to conquering fear and anxiety is by facing it, not avoiding it. Make sure to inform your children that there is nothing to be afraid of, they are safe and everything is fine. The state of comfort can increase mental defense and they can finally conquer their fear.