3 Ways How to Care Your Youngest Son Not to Be a Spoiled Kid

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

3 Ways How to Care Your Youngest Son Not to Be a Spoiled Kid

Children are individuals who have their own uniqueness. Each child has a different physical character as well as a different personality character. However, there are certain assumptions about the birth order and personality character of the Little One. For example, the eldest son is considered to have a high ego, the middle child has a rebellious character, and the youngest child is identical with a spoiled character. Is that true?

Regardless of the birth order, a person's character will be formed from ages 3 to 10 years. This character develops and can be influenced by several factors such as family parenting and the role of educational institutions. Thus, not every younger child will become spoiled.

Factors That Infulence Little One's Characters

Here are the factors that characterize the Little One’s characters:

Family parenting patterns

The first place that shapes and influences the personality of the Little One is of course family. If the family parenting pattern is permissive, then the Little One will tend to spbe oiled because most of his/her wishes are met. Although this pattern of care is regarded as a form of affection, this in fact can be destructive to the character of the Little One.

Not only that, generally, Daddy and Mommy tend to be more relaxed to the youngest child. According to Kevin Leman, PhD, author of The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are, parents do not feel the same nervousness when educating the first child, consequently the youngest child does not experience or feel the 'coercion' as experienced by his/her brother.

The role of educational institutions

The second factor that plays an important role in the Personality of the Little One is the educational institution where he/she learns and plays every day. This is why, school selection should be done carefully. Does the school have a curriculum which is in compliance with the guidelines which the family believes?

Ways to Nurture the Youngest One

So, is there a way for the youngest not to be a spoiled kid?

Avoid to always help the youngest

The Youngest who is too often to be given help will make him/her likely to be dependent, even spoiled. Actually, Mommy’s good intention is for her not to experience difficulty. However, although difficult, try not to be "actively involved" in the activity of the youngest, for example, let him put the toys away after playing. Let him/her take responsibility for that.

Do not always follow your Little One’s wishes

Following all your Little One’s wishes is not the way to provide affection. By not doing so, the Little One learns to be independent and is responsible for fulfilling his/her wishes with his/her own efforts.

Pattern of parenting

Daddy’s and Mommy’s pattern of parenting must be in “one package”. Both Daddy and Mommy have to be equally firm so the Little One does not tend to be coddled by either party.

Well, looking at the explanation above, it is clear that each child has the character and ability of their own. It is not always that the youngest child is spoiled. Mommy can help shape the Little One’s character by applying the 3 tips above.