3 effective ways to encourage the little one curiosity

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

3 effective ways to encourage the little one curiosity

Curiosity is a positive response from the little one when confronted with a problem or find something new. Like Annita Lewis, a child psychologist, said that “Curiosity is an innate ability that grows along with the desire to learn that continues to increase.” She also added, Mom and Dad roles are important in responding to the little one's high curiosity. Don’t let the little one curiosity decrease because Mom and Dad impression that look like ignoring him/her.

Responding to the little one's curiosity not always with following his/her demand. Mom can lead the little one with the wise answers or let the little one find out the answer from his/her curiosity, while keeping watch on his/her activity.

Then, what are the tricks that Mom can use to keep the little one’s curiosity alive? Morinaga Platinum already summarized it for you:

  1. Reduced the word “Don’t...”
    Creating boundaries for the little one is important. But, Mom should understand that the little one needs enough space for his/her curiosity. Saying the word “don’t” often will make the little one stop asking questions. It’s better to replace it with a clear sentence. For example, the little one curious to play in the rains, rather than saying “don’t play in the rains” replace it with “play in the rains will make you sick, are you sure you still want to play in the rains?” With that sentence, the little one will learn to consider the risk and his/her curiosity fulfill.

  2. Lure with questions
    Around the little one, there are lots of things that interest his/her curiosity. Unfortunately, the little one does not always see those things. Well, to make him/her aware of interesting things around, Mom can ask a simple question. For example, when playing on the terrace there is a bird that alight on a tree. Mom can ask, “What do birds eat?” Through  that question, the little one will answer according to what he/she understands. At that moment a good conversation will occur for maintaining the little one's curiosity.

  3. Let the little one explore
    How can the little one be curious if he/she is forbidden to play? Playing is a way to educate the little one to know about lots of things. Taking the little one to play outside the house has a great benefit for the little one’s curiosity rather than just staying at home. Seeing other people's behaviour, finding new places, and observing many things beside at home are necessary to make the little one grow smarter. But, Mom also still has to watch the little one’s movements outside the house.

    Curiosity is a significant asset for the little one’s growth. Although sometimes Mom is overwhelmed with his/her questions, everything that provokes little one’s curiosity requires Mom’s best response. In order not to be confused when answering little one’s questions, Mom has to always continue to increase your knowledge. This also will help Mom to answer little one’s questions creatively. Unconsciously reading books, drawing pictures, or playing games with the little one can help him/her grow his/her curiosity.

Consider the little one’s interest in luring his/her curiosity, Mom. Some may be interested with sounds around them, while the other interest more with colors they saw. This could be shown little one’s character in the future.