Fresh And Healthy Pinky Milkshake Recipe

Morinaga Platinum   ♦   20 December 2019

Fresh And Healthy Pinky Milkshake Recipe
  • 3-12 Years

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Bored serving little one juices? This Morinaga pinky milkshake recipe can Mom try as a variation. Not only refreshing, this drink is also rich in nutrients from the fruits contained in it. The way to make it is also very easy and the ingredients are easy to find. What you’re waiting for, let’s find the recipe below, Mom:


  • 150 g strawberry, cut into pieces
  • 150 g watermelon, cut into pieces
  • 60 g beetroot, peel it and cut into dices
  • 60 g plain yogurt
  • 40 g Morinaga Chil School Gold strawberry flavor powder milk
  • 200 ml cold water
  • 100 g vanilla ice cream
  • 100 g ice cube
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 6 tablespoon honey

How to make:

1. Put all the ingredients into the blender. Blend until it’s smooth.

2. Pour the milkshake into the serving glass. Serve it right away.


For 3 Servings

Morinaga Pinky Milkshake will be more delicious if Mom enjoys it while cold. Though it already contains fruits that are full of nutrients, to fulfill little one’s nutrition needs, Mom needs to give the right nutrition from Morinaga Platinum MoriCare Zigma with Triple Bifidus.

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