Discover the Full Guide for Your 4 Year-Old Kid Here!

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 May 2017

Discover the Full Guide for Your 4 Year-Old Kid Here!

In just a blink, your Little One is entering the age of 4 years old. Mommy will surely see how rapidly he/she develops.

The Little One has a lot of energy, his/her imagination wanders to and fro. If the nutritional intake and stimulation of the Little One is enough, then the growth and development will be more optimal.

Stimulation by playing is the right step to develop the Little One’s intelligence. Playing not only will make the Little One to be happy but at the same time he/she is learning things without getting bored. This is the goal of the making of Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan.

What are the four-year-old growth and development parameters? Let's look together below:

Health development

  • The Little One’s eyesight is now better than ever
  • In a day, sleep needed is between 11 to 13 hours

Motoric development

  • The Little One can stand on one leg up to 2 minutes
  • He/she can also jump on one leg
  • Capable of capturing and throwing the ball off the top of the head
  • Can pull and push

The development of social emotions

  • The Little One loves to talk about things he/she loves
  • Very creative in a pretend play
  • The Little One is more cooperative when playing with friends
  • Likes to learn new things

Cognitive and language development

  • Can say his/her full name
  • Now he/she can sing a simple song
  • Knows basic sentence order
  • Can distinguish the concept of "equal" and "different", for example “the same 2 big things”
  • Can count up to 10 or more

The development of the Little One depends on the stimuli he/she receives. Stimulation for the age of 4 years old can be done starting from giving space and time for the Little One to do more physical activity, inviting him/her to create through coloring and painting, as well as sharpening his/her socialization skills by inviting him/her to play in groups.

With the various potentials mentioned above, the Little One should have the support of Daddy and Mommy in order to reach his/her maximum potential. Daddy and Mommy should be able to meet the need for complete and balanced nutrition and proper stimulation. With the right parenting pattern, the potential of the Little One can grow maximally so that he/she grows into a smart person.

Does Mommy know that there's been a breakthrough about someone's intelligence? So far, intelligence is only measured based on the intelligence score of logic ability (IQ) only. But Howard Gardner, professor of psychology at Harvard University, has another notion of intelligence.

According to him, humans have multiple intelligences. There are 9 multiple intelligences possessed by each individual, namely, linguistic, logical mathematical, musical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist, and moral intelligence. When properly honed from an early age, the nine intelligences will be able to reach their maximum potential.

Different intelligence, different stimulation. In order for Mommy to know the right stimulation, of course Mommy must first know the potential of the multiple intelligences owned by the Little One. Use the facility of identification of multiple intelligences in Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. After that, plan a play activity that serves as a stimulus for the development of the Little One’s Intelligence. There are many creative ideas to play.

Support the process of growth and development of the Little One to go optimally by meeting the nutritional needs, by providing additional nutrients that contain omega-3, omega-6, alpha lactalbumin, choline, and iron to support brain function and provide appropriate stimulation according to his/her age.