6 Benefits of Playing Puzzle for Little One's Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

6 Benefits of Playing Puzzle for Little One's Intelligence

The Little One certainly is very fond of playing activities. This activity is not just a means for the Little One to relax but also the opportunity to train his/her intelligence. One useful game for sharpening the Little One’s intelligence is a puzzle or a mix-matching game.

For the Little One, there are at least six benefits to be gained from playing a puzzle. Do you wish to know more? Please read the following explanation:

Puzzle game sharpens the spatial visual intelligence

Spatial visual intelligence is one of the multiple intelligences introduced by Howard Gardner. Spatial visual intelligence is the intelligence of thinking and learning with images, understanding the shape of patterns and the space of an object, including thinking creatively.

Studies conducted by the University of Chicago, United States in 2011 shows the results that regular toddlers who play puzzles have better spatial visual skills than those who do not. This is because the ability to recognize and understand the shape, size, color, and space are sharpened through playing the puzzle.

Puzzle game sharpens memory

The Little One can understand and can follow the instructions step by step in achieving one goal. Puzzles train memory when the Little One tries to recall patterns, pieces of images that have been tried but were not suitable.

Puzzle game sharpens the Little One’s fine motor skills

When playing a puzzle, the Little One will be asked to pair the image, circle the letter or word, turn the knob, or insert the puzzle piece into a certain hole according to the shape. This will sharpen the Little One’s motor skills that are very useful in daily activities such as writing or drawing.

Puzzle games trains eye and hand coordination

All types of puzzles require coordination between the eyes and hands. Through the puzzle game, the ability to connect what the eye sees and how the hand responds will be honed well.

Puzzle game sharpens the ability to find solutions to problems

Puzzles have clear goals to achieve. When the Little One plays a puzzle, he/she will learn that to solve a problem there are steps that must be taken to solve it. The Little One will get used to solving problems with a creative mindset.

Puzzle game trains social skills

Mommy can choose a type of puzzle that requires cooperation with others to solve it. This will make your Little One learn to work and play with others. He/she will learn about patience, cooperation, and about taking turns.

Do you know that puzzles are of different kinds? Generally, what we know is a jigsaw puzzle, consisting of small pieces of drawing that if put together would be a whole picture. Other types of puzzles that are not less good for sharpening the intelligence, among others, are composing words game, crosswords, patterned puzzles or mathematical puzzles.

Mommy can find various puzzle games on Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. The difficulty level can be adjusted with the age group of the Little One. Mommy can print the game and play with the Little One at home. Happy playing!