Your Solution to Train Your Little One to Walk

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 May 2017

Your Solution to Train Your Little One to Walk

Duh, in just a blink, your Little One will blow out his/her first birthday candle, in another month. But, really, he/she has not shown any signs of able to walk yet? It seems that Little One is too absorbed to crawl here and there, exploring every corner of the house. Is it okay?

Although the development of the Little One cannot be equated with other children his/her age, Mommy still must know the parameters of the Little One’s skills and ability development. Generally, the Little One can start walking at the age 12-15 months old and the normal time span of the Little One to be able to walk is 18 months old.

But let’s do not worry excessively, Mommy, because in some cases, the Little One can be a little late in walking which is still in a normal variation, meaning there is no abnormality in the muscles or nerves, especially, if other skills, such as speech or comprehension, are still developing normally.  

However, if Mommy feels there is something unusual from the Little One, such as the size of the head and the body which are too small and also too short and the Little One is having a speech delay, consult the Little One’s condition to the doctor.

Keep in mind that a delay in walking can be caused by organic abnormalities such as muscles that are too weak or even too stiff. Generally, muscle, nerve, or bone abnormalities are the cause of a delay in walking, in your Little One. If after the examination, the doctor finds no problems in the health of the Little One, Mommy should be more diligent in stimulating the Little One so he/she wants to learn to walk.

To strengthen the muscles of the Little One’s limbs, exercise can be started by increasing the frequency of tummy time. With a face down, the Little One will train his/her hands and feet to reach an object. Not only that, tummy time is also useful to strengthen the neck and back muscles which are useful as a foundation for the body, while the Little One is walking.

Then, avoid carrying the Little One too often. This will result in an untrained muscular strength of his body. Let the Little One play a lot of play on the floor that is covered by carpet or mat. By doing this, he/she will surely feel challenged to explore his/her environment. Reaching the table leg or holding the chair is an initial exercise for the Little One to be able to stand alone.

Moreover, avoid the use of a baby walker because in addition to the safety problem of the tool, this tool is not effective in training the Little One to walk. This is why the American Academy of Pediatrics has banned the use of such aids since a few years ago. We recommend using a table, chair, or other tool like a toy trolley as a means of support of the Little One’s body.

Support the growth of the Little One’s bones by meeting the daily nutritional needs. Mommy can give the Little One, nutrients that contain calcium and vitamin D. For other creative stimulation that can spur the development of the Little One’s motor skills, such as geometry jump and foot painting dance, Mommy can get it at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. In order for the LittleOne not to be bored with the same game, Mommy can make plans to play. This will make the whole potential intelligence can be honed maximally.