What Should You Do if Your Children’s Teeth Broken?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 July 2023

What Should You Do if Your Children’s Teeth Broken?

One scenario that parents can encounter is broken teeth among children. Children’s activity usually involve exercise, cycling or any activity that can cause injury to your children’s teeth. Therefore, knowledge regarding emergency treatment for broken teeth is necessary to minimize damage to your children’s teeth.

Broken teeth can involve many teeth with varying location. However, front teeth are the most common teeth involved. There are some conditions that predispose your children’s teeth to be broken such as protruded front teeth, structurally deformed teeth, and email hypoplasia.

Any trauma to the face and lips can injure your teeth in many ways, which include:

  • Broken on the crown of the teeth
  • Broken on the area extending from the crown to the teeth root
  • Broken to the teeth root area
  • Broken to crown area and extending to the pulp area
  • Fallen teeth from its socket.

Trauma can directly or indirectly injure your children’s teeth. Indirect injury is caused by trauma to your children chin, causing the upper jaw to crash with the lower jaw. This condition cause indirect injury to the teeth.

First response to broken teeth by parents

If your children have broken teeth due to trauma, bring your children to a dentist as soon as possible. Early examination would result in bigger chance of successful treatment. For emergency treatment, you can do the following steps:

  • Stay focus, don’t panic. If you panic, your children will get this signal and crying even louder. When your children cry, the saliva will be secreted causing the blood to flow even more heavily.
  • Warm water gargle will sooth the pain
  • Cold compress to the face area that was traumatized. The cold compress can reduce face inflammation.
  • Take the broken teeth fragment, and put it into a container filled with powdered milk. Milk contains a lot of nutrient for the teeth fragment

It would be better to keep your dentist phone number so you can consult to your dentist right away. “Every trauma to your teeth, no matter how mild it may seem, need to be examined by a dentist, to make sure that there is no hidden trauma that might be missed by the parents’ eye. For example: a seemingly minor teeth trauma compromising the teeth root,” said Edward H. Moody, Jr. D.D. S, vice president American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

As any other emergency condition involving your children, the key is to stay focus and stay calm. If you stay calm and stay focus, you can think clearly about the solution for your children’s broken teeth.