Ways to resolve seepage Breast Milk during 7 months pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

Ways to resolve seepage Breast Milk during 7 months pregnancy

Baby still inside the uterus, but the breast milk already out, is it normal? Surely it happens to some pregnant Mom, the breast milk come out early even when the fetus is in the age of 7 months. Stay calm, Mom, it’s not a bad thing. The seepage of the breast milk could be prevented.

Breast milk that come out during 7 months old pregnancy is not a weird thing. In this condition, Mom could produce colostrum or yellowish thick liquid that come out before breast milk. Colostrum already could produces since pregnancy and this is normal even not all pregnant Mom experienced it.

Although for some pregnant Mom, the seepage of breast milk is kind of annoying stuff. Breast milk can suddenly come out while doing daily activity or while sleeping at night which make unpleasant feeling. Therefore, Morinaga Platinum already summarize ways to resolve seepage of breast milk. Let’s see, Mom.

  1. Wear disposable breast pad during daytime

    The breast milk seeped out during 7 months pregnant is a preparation of Mom’s body for breastfeed later. It means Mom’s breasts is ready to give the milk to the little one. Ways to resolve the seepage is wearing disposable breast pad while Mom doing daily activity. Breast pad will really help absorb the milk that comes out so Mom’s cloth doesn’t need to get wet even when in a public place.

  1. Wearing smooth fabric breast pad

    To resolve the seepage of breast milk is wearing smooth fabric breast pad. The smooth fabric usually feels comfortable when touching the skin and absorb milk faster. The advantage of fabric breast pad is able to absorb liquid in areola (a small circular area, in particular the ring of pigmented skin surrounding the nipple), so it won’t cause fungus infection or make the nipple hurt.

  1. Change the breast pad periodically

    Mom, the breast milk that come out cause wet and moist feeling that made Mom uncomfortable if it’s left too long. Not to mention, the pile up of fungus that cause unpleasant smell. Changing breast pad periodically will make Mom’s breast area dry and free from bacteria.

  1. Choose the right clothes

    One way to get around breast milk seepage on clothes is with motifs clothes or color that disguise the milk when seeped  out when in 7 month pregnancy. When Mom pregnant, the seepage of breast milk will draw attention and in the end will make Mom uncomfortable. Don’t hesitate to choose clothes that suitable and could disguise the seepage breast milk.

  1. Covering Mom’s chest

    Mom can use something to covering Mom’s chest so it will cover the seepage breast milk up when it happens. Wear a scarf, jacket, or sweater to cover it up from Mom’s clothes.

    Then, when Mom sleeping, use a breastfeeding bra or sports bra, because the ordinary bra cam make Mom feels like couldn’t breath. Afterwards, avoid wearing wire bra when sleeping so that it doesn’t pressured Mom’s breast.

    Well, there are ways to resolve seepage of breast milk when pregnancy is on 7 months. Nothing to be ashamed or feel awkward to  face this condition. The seepage of breast milk while pregnant is really common and the form of natural process in pregnancy, labor, and breastfeed.

    Good luck, Mom!