Train Your Little One to Walk Since 6 Months of Age

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

Train Your Little One to Walk Since 6 Months of Age

Following the development of the Little One from time to time is exciting. There are always new things that he/she can do. Not infrequently, worry comes along when seeing the ability of other children which differs from your Little One. Do not panic, Mommy. Each child has his or her own time to master one's abilities. Mommy should prepare the nutrients and stimulation that is suitable with the needs of the Little One so that his/her growth and development process be optimal.

Walking is one of the basic motor skills that will be mastered Little. Generally, this ability can be done Little when he stepped on 8-12 months, he will do so while holding the edge of the wall or creeping. Then, at the age of 10-15 months he has started to walk without holding on.

Is there a stimulation that can be done to train motoric skill of your Little One to facilitate his/her learning process to walk? Of course, Mommy. Please apply the following ways:

By the time she reaches 4 months old, she is already able to sit down with help and at the age of 6 months is able to sit alone. Stimulate your Little One by lifting his hands slowly. Mommy can also invite him/her to play by holding a toy somewhat away from the reach of your Little One. This will interest him/her to take it and sit in a different position.

When his age reaches 6-10 months, the Little One will begin to learn to crawl. He/she will also try to reach objects that are somewhat out of reach. Stimulate your Little One by putting the toy somewhat away from his/her position so he/she will be challenged to crawl up to it. Mommy must make sure that the environment where the Little One plays is safe enough for the is/her movements.

Yor Little One will begin to draw objects around him/her, such as the chair or even Mommy’s feet, to help him/her pull away and stand up at the age of 7-12 months. Mommy can stimulate to strengthen his/her leg muscles by practicing your Little One to stand while making him/her to jump.

If his/her leg muscles are strong and he/she is more confident, at the age of 9-13 months your Little One will begin to walk alone and start walking steadily at the age of 14-17 months. Stimulate your Little One by inviting him to play catch the ball. He/she will surely try to take or kick it.

When training our Little One to walk, you should avoid using baby walker. The tool will not make him/her master the ability to walk faster. Baby walkers can potentially injure your Little One and can cause the wrong path pattern.

There is no instant learning process; therefore Mommy must be patient to provide stimulation to train your Little One’s motor skills. Good luck at home.