Toddlers ideal growth and development stages

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Toddlers ideal growth and development stages

Mom must be often heard about the words ‘child growth and development’, right? But, does Mom know that those words have 2 different meanings?

The word “grow” can be measured or proved through numbers, such as the increasing of little one head circumference, body weight, and body height. While “development” is qualitative, for example the little one cognitive development and physical activity according to his/her age stages like gross motor skills development (walking, running, sitting, standing) and fine motor skills (physical skills that involving small muscles and eyes-hands coordination).

Then, what are the ideal toddler growth and development stages seem like? Here are the review for Mom.

1 year old child

Based on Indonesia's Ministry of Health that refers to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal body height for one year old child is about 71-80.5 cm for boys and girls are around 68.9-79.2 cm. While for the ideal body weight is 7.7-12 kg for boys and 7-11.5 kg for girls.

In this age, little one muscle development and balance are already good so that he/she can stand up without help from others. Little one also can hold small things and light so it’s possible for him/her to learn how to eat by him/herself.

Little one communication development is also increasing, even though his/her vocabulary is still very limited. Little one can combine 2 words, for example “mommy go where?” and already understand what other people said. But at this age, little one tends to listen more and absorb the words Mom said. So, it will be better for Mom to communicate more to little one so his/her vocabulary increasingly variatives.

When it comes to socializing, a typical child at the age of one is usually shy when meeting new people. So don’t be wondered why he/she cries when Mom left him/her alone or Mom left little one with someone he/she doesn’t know.

2 years old child

According to Indonesia's Ministry of Health that refers to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal body height for 2 years old child is 81.7-93.9 cm for boys and 80-92.9 cm for girls. While for the ideal body weight is 9.7-15.3 kg for boys and 9-14.8 kg for girls.

Little one’s muscle development and balance are getting sharpened, he/she can walk more smoothly, running until a little jump. His/her coordination skill is also getting better so that he/she can start opening the door, pushing the table to change clothes by him/herself.

For little one communication development, at the age of 2 he/she is capable of saying 50-300 words but every child has variative words. Beside that, the little one can be more open to socialize and play with children of the same age.

3 years old child

Still according to Indonesia's Ministry of Health that refers to the World Health Organization (WHO), the ideal body height for 3 years old child is 88.7-103.5 cm for boys and 87.4-102.7 cm for girls. While for the ideal body weight is 11.3-18.3 kg for boys and 10.8-18.1 kg for girls.

For a little one at the age of 3, his/her muscle development and balance is really good. He/she is already skillful in using both hands and feet. Mom just needs to give a clear example, such as receiving something from other people, he/she has to use his/her right hand. Little one coordination skills also develop. He/she already can pedaling a bicycle, using pencil, using crayon, and other activities.

Little one's speaking skills also become clearer so what he/she said is understandable. Little one also start to like to imagine and imitate other people. Moreover, little one starts to get excited to meet and play with friends his/her age.

There is the ideal growth and development for 1-3 years old children. The success of little one's growth and development cannot be separated from Mom’s role that gives the proper nutrition and stimulation for little one. For nutrition, Mom can give a growth milk Morinaga Chil Kid MoriCare Zigma with Triple Bifidus that support little one growth and development to be more optimal.

If during the little one’s growth and development process there is something not quite right, Mom should immediately see a pediatrician or child growth and development expert so it could be handled as soon as possible.