Tips to Show Love to Your Children in Busy Times

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 August 2017

Tips to Show Love to Your Children in Busy Times

All parents would certainly want to give the best to their child, including adequate love and attention. Do you know the benefits of giving full attention to the child? Observe the explanations below:

  • Parents will be more familiar with the personality of the child, which enables them to understand the potential of their child and how this can be supported to develop optimally
  • Have a good relationship with the child and ensure a better communication with them
  • A good communication will enable parents to identify the thinking pattern and feeligns of the child in order to help them overcome the challenges they face in daily activities

However, there are many points of view in terms of the provision of love and attention by the parents to the child. Surely, giving all that the child asks for is not a sign of adequate provision of love and attention. Then, there are also classic parental issues such as high workloads of parents that may decrease their attention towards their children.

So, how to get around this and ensure that the child does not think that parents do not care or are inattentive?

Always make eye contact

Parents may think that they understand what is being said by the child from only listening to a glimpse of it, perhaps while checking an e-mail from a client. However, in reality, the parent may not understand what is actually being said, and the child may feel that their presence is not important in the eyes of the parent. So, when the child is addressing the parent, they should ensure that they provide time to respond. It is not a problem if the parent does not have time at the moment, but they should ensure that the child knows the reason behind it and mention when they are able to spare their time to listen to their child.

Spend some time with them every day

This does not need to be long, and 10 minutes can be enough. Allow the child to select what type of activity they would like to do with their parent, and try to leave mobile phones in another room to minimize distractions.

Create family traditions

Do not think that this is a complicated thing to do. The most important thing is that parents get to spend quality time with their children, for instance by preparing a special breakfast menu every Sunday or by inviting them along to go to the salon when parents are going for treatments, and provide a special session for them.

Hug and kiss the child whenever you can

Also, mention warm sentences such as I love you, Mommy loves you, and so on. Parents should make this part of their daily routine, such as when getting up in the morning, when returning from work, and before going to sleep.

Appreciate and respect their opinion

For instance, when they complain that parents are too busy. Ascertain them that you love them and need to work for their benefit as well.

With the many benefits of providing full attention to the child that have long-term impacts on their future, let’s set aside some time to play with them. Enjoy your activities!