Tips to educate the little one for become an honest figure

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Tips to educate the little one for become an honest figure

Which parent would want the little one to grow up to be a liar. If Mom often hears a term like “kid never lies”, then how do the tips to educate the little one to keep telling the truth to Mom?

According to Mary Alice Silverman, a psychologist in Washington D.C, the little one lies because of many reasons. It could be the little one feeling stress or having fear of something that he/she doesn’t want no one knows. Like when the little one spills out the food, and he/she doesn’t want to admit it. Then the little one lies because of fear of getting scolded by Mom. That’s why, Mom's role becomes important to make sure the little one tells the truth to you.

For the further details, here are some ways that Mom could do to help the little one for keep being honest:

  1. Be wise when the little one make mistakes
    The little one must be making a lot of mistakes. Spill out the food, messing the room, throwing things, or other things. At this moment, the wise attitude from Mom to educate the little one is needed. Giving a punishment is allowed, as long as Mom avoids giving punishment that makes the little one traumatized. That will make the little one lie every time he/she makes the same mistake.

    When Mom could respond to the little one mistake wisely, he/she will definitely understand and remember Mom’s advice well.

  2. Teach the little one to apologize
    Still related to previous tips, there is a good thing to educate the little one to apologize when he/she makes a mistake. This method will make the little one braver to encounter problems rather than he/she has to lie to avoid the consequence from his/her mistake.

    Giving an example how to apologize is easier than force the little to apologize. So, make sure Mom also gets used to apologizing every time Mom does wrongs to little one.

  3. Give a direct example
    Nothing that the little one needs more when learning moral education than an example from Mom and Dad. Then, to train an honest little one, instill honesty in Mom’s family, especially in front of the little one.

    For example, when the little one doesn’t want to eat vegetables. Instead of lying with said that it’s not a vegetable, it’s better Mom be honest and explain about the benefits of vegetables for the little one. Like, “carrot doesn’t taste good, but it’s good for your eyes.”

    Likewise with honesty between Mom and Dad. Even though the little one is not quite understood yet, Mom and Dad words really affect the little one's growth. 

  4. Give a chance to explain
    Even the way the little one talks is still stuttering, it’s not a wrong thing for Mom to ask the little one to explain the reason about things he/she done. With this method, the little one will get used to talking about many things to Mom before making a decision that leads him/her to lie.

Educating the little one to be honest requires extra patience. That is why Mom should adapt this habit as early as possible. This way is done to educate the little one so he/she doesn’t grow up to become a person who likes to avoid and hide something from Mom.

Telling the truth maybe is not always easy, but it’s an important value for the development of little one’s morals in the future. Not to mention, make sure Mom and Dad always appreciate or praise the little one’s honesty to make him/her believe that honesty could lead to kindness for him/herself. Beside the honesty value, there is a lot of moral intelligence that needs to be taught to the little one as early as possible. For more details, let’s watch the stimulation of moral intelligence video from Morina Platinum: