Tips to educate a child who like to throw things

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Tips to educate a child who like to throw things

needs to know, although it looks dangerous and rude, actually the little one just want to show expressions and his/her feelings.

So, when the little one starts to throw things, try to keep calm and control Mom’s emotion, okay. According to one of Dean in Family Center from Fort Lauderdale University, Florida, US, Roni Leiderman, as long as throwing things don’t endanger the little one or anyone else, Mom no need to punish him/her. But try to limit things that little one want to throw.

Ways to stop the little one habit of throwing things

Educate kid who likes to throw things actually is quite simple, but it’s indeed need extra patience. The key is Mom has to stay calm and give the little one understanding patiently. But what are exactly the things that Mom should do to educate kids that like to throw things? Here below are the tips.

  1. Look at from the little point of view
    Understand that the little one is frustrated, angry, tired, afraid, or exactly experimenting. With understand his/her feelings, Mom will respond those actions with full of affection, not with punishment or anger.

  2. Use simple words to the little one
    Giving explanation with a simple language and easy to understand by the little one. For example: “Don’t be like that dear, food is made to be eaten, not to be thrown…”

  3. Limit what items can be thrown
    Giving punishment is not a solution to face the little one who likes to throw things. Except if the little one throw is endanger someone else, like breaking glass or made somebody hurt. Try to not punish or give a time-out. It will better Mom just limit what items can be thrown by the little one.

  4. Teach the little one understand the effects of his/her actions
    Make a question, like “ If you want to throw the cars to the TV, what would happen to the Tv?” Well, it’s true for a kid before 5 years old, it will be difficult for the little one to understand the meaning of consequences of  his/her actions, but with a regular practice, the little one will understand quickly.

  5. Make a throwing game
    To make the little one’s habit of throwing things away is more directed, Mom can make a throwing game with put a carton bag into a basket, throwing rocks at the pond, or animals bowling. Beside making throwing fun, the little one can learn that throwing is permitted but it must be done in the right time and the right place.

  6. Tidy up the toys together
    After the toys are being  thrown out and the room is a mess, it’s time for Mom to take the little one to tidy up the toys together. Don’t put a burden to the little one with tidy all the toys up alone, because for kids under 5 years old, moreover under 3 years old, tidy up toys is burdening. Make the tidy up activities looks fun with some tricks, for instance take the blocks and put it in the toybox contest.

  7. Accompany the little one when eating
    If the little one likes to throw food away, sit down next to him/her when he/she is eating so when the little one starts to throw, Mom could immediately prevent it. To avoid throwing lots of food, Mom could give a little portion. If it’s not enough, then Mom could add it more.

  8. Prioritize “victim”
    If there is someone hurt because of the little one throwing things, immediately come over to the “victim” and help him/her. With that action, the little one will learn how Mom treats the “victim” with affection and at once teach the little one that bad attitude doesn’t interest Mom’s attention.

That is some of tips from Morinaga Platinum to educate a child who likes to throw things. Hope it will work.