Tips on Shopping for Your Little Newborn One Needs

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

Tips on Shopping for Your Little Newborn One Needs

One of the fun moments during pregnancy is when you need to shop for the Little One. Who does not feel joyful to see the row of baby products? It seems that if possible, we all want to buy all the items there. Not infrequently, this moment also makes Mommy to be panicked for feeling confused on which to be purchased for real. Especially for Mommy who is undergoing the first pregnancy. Worried lest the purchased goods are the ones not really necessary.

Well, before shopping Mommy should set the strategy by referring to the guidelines below:

When is the right time for shopping?

Mommy can start shopping 1-2 months before the estimated time of your Little One to be born, when the physical condition is still strong to walk. Mommy also still has time to wash the products already purchased.

Prepare a shopping list

In order not to miss anything, we should prepare a shopping list. No need to buy too many clothes in the first month because the growth of the Little One is still very fast. Select products that already have a certain standard and safe for your Little One. What do you need to get into your shopping list? Check out the following points:

  • Basic Equipment. Basic equipment includes long and short sleeves, long pants and shorts, cloth diapers, gloves and socks, bedding cloths, and hats. For the amount, you should first determine how many times a week Mommy is going to wash clothes so that the amount of clothing required can be calculated. At least Mommy has to buy half a dozen for each type of clothing. Consider also that infants often need to change clothes several times a day for various reasons. The Little One will quickly grow. Often the clothes bought will only fit for some time. We recommend that you buy 1 larger size for a longer life time. Do not get hung up on the age guides that are on the clothing label, each brand has a different pattern and size.
  • Bedding. Includes bedding, blankets, head cushions, pillows, bolsters and mosquito nets.
  • Toiletries. Special baby bathtub, towels, wash cloths, soap and special baby shampoo also comb.
  • Breastfeeding Supplies. Milk bottles, bottle washing brushes, bottle-cleaning soaps, bottle warmers, and baby aprons. For the amount of milk bottles, the more you buy the better, because Mommy will not need to be bothering to go back and forth to wash and sterilize.
  • Other Equipment. Baby sling, bags for storing supplies on the go, baby nail scissors, disposable diapers, wet wipes, dry tissues, and cotton.
  • Mommy's Supplies. Includes special breastfeeding underwear, nursing apron or cover for nursing, breastfeeding cushions, postpartum napkins, breast pumps, glass bottles or special plastics to store pumped breast milk.

Borrow other people's belongings

For some types of equipment, Mommy can borrow them from friends or relatives who do not them anymore, such as cots or a stroller. This can be done to save the budget.

Well, Mommy, hopefully the above tips can solve your confusion before shopping.