Tips how to resolve child who watch tv a lot

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Tips how to resolve child who watch tv a lot

When the little one already knows about TV, he/she doesn’t want to quit watching if his/her favorite show isn’t finished yet. He/she is sitting for a long time and forget everything around him/her because his/her focus is only on TV. Actually, it’s not a wrong thing if the little one is watching TV. The one that parents need to be concerned about is the duration, it’s not good for little one’s health and development to watch TV for too long.

Mom needs to know that many risks could occur if little one is watching TV too much. A research from Hospital for Sick Children of Canada found that every 30 minutes that a child spends in front of TV will increase 49% risk of speech delay. Moreover, according to Dr. Aric Sigman from British Psychological Society and a Fellow of Britain’s Royal Society of Medicine said that little one’s brain development will distrubed because a screen cannot copy how a child’s brain processing Mom’s voice when it’s told a story or how brain visualizing a picture.

There are a lot of risks, right Mom? That is why, Morinaga Platinum already summarized tips of parenting to resolve little one who watch tv too much:

  1. Set a time limit
    American Academy of Pediatrics recommended only 1-2 hours time for a child to watch TV. Or the alternative is Mom can set a rule at home. For example, let the little one watch TV all day just on the weekend. The little one can watch TV on the weekday if it’s with Dad or Mom. the little one can be more disciplined in managing times and enjoy the show.

  2. Do other activities that more interesting for little one
    Take the little one to do other activities that do not include a tv screen. For instance, take him/her to play at the park, playing soccer, games, or gardening. If necessary, ask little one about activities that he/she likes and wants to do, except watches TV.

  3. Explain little one about the dangerous of too often watch TV
    Before Mom set a rule about watching TV, explain to little one the reason why watching TV too much is dangerous. This is because the little one doesn’t understand yet why he/she should obey the rule. With a simple and easy to understand language, explain that when watching TV, our body isn’t moving, so little one is exercising less.

  1. Set free-gadget family time
    Dad and Mom better spare time for a whole family to not get involved with any technology. For example, having a quality time without TV, handphone, or video game when dinner time or one hour before bedtime . With digital detox, besides giving a good example for the little one, it’s also good for family time.

Example that all Dad and Mom behaviour gave have a great effect to lead little one behaviour. That is why, not only the little one who reduces time of watching TV but Mom also did it to, so little one can take an example from Mom. There are a lot of things that little one can do in his/her growing period, like playing with friends, playing soccer, treasure hunt, or else that use his/her imagination. Hope those tips above about parenting are helpful for Mom.