Tips for Overcome Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 July 2023

Tips for Overcome Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Most Moms must be happy with their pregnancy, even though there are a lot of challenges and some health conditions that they have to encounter. One of the conditions that is really troubled and maybe can disturb the fetus growth inside the uterus is swollen feet. Like we called it, swollen feet is a condition in which the feet get bigger from the normal size.

Swollen feet have already become a common problem to the third trimester pregnancy. Most Moms complain that their sandals or shoes are not fit anymore. Not just that, Mom also feels unconfident. However, Mom no need to worry. There are a lot of ways to resolve that and usually every Mom has their own way to solve that.


Causes of swollen feet

The main problem of swollen feet is because the amount of fluid production is more when a woman in a pregnant condition. The fluids will keep pile up and make Mom have to hold on and also in this condition, Mom’s uterus will keep getting bigger.

Another cause is because of poor blood circulation. It also makes fluid build up in the legs. This build up that makes Mom’s feet swollen.

How to resolve swollen feet?

In fact, there are many solutions to take care of swollen feet so it’s not going to bother the fetus development. The first method, Mom can fix the way how to sit down. Sitting cross is a way of sitting that needs to be avoided. That position will hold up the blood circulation from the heart to Mom’s feet so it makes your feet swollen. But, Mom can change the position with raising the legs. The way is Mom can use a small chair or a footrest to put your feet up equal with the feet position so the blood circulation can be better.

Next, avoid sitting down too long. Mom can do a little walk because this will accelerate blood circulation in the legs. But, most pregnant Moms are too lazy to move when their belly gets bigger and make excuses like it’s heavy and many more excuses. Those excuses actually are just about the mindset, in fact Mom should keep moving so your metabolism can keep normal. There are lots of light activities that Mom could do, such as walking in the morning when the air is still fresh, earthing or walking at the park barefoot, cooking etc.

Those are what cause swollen feet that often pregnant Moms experienced and how to resolve it so it won’t bother the fetus development. Other tip is sleeping sideways to the left. This sleep position will increase the blood flow to the baby so the baby will feel comfortable. If Mom’s belly is in pain or feels too tight, that position is the best position to lay down and get rest.

Now, Mom knows better what you could do to take care of the fetus’ development so it can develop optimally during the pregnancy, right? Good luck on practicing these tips and hopefully Mom and the baby stay healthy until delivery.