This is Your Little One's Growth and Development Stages of Age 0-12 Months

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 January 2017

This is Your Little One's Growth and Development Stages of Age 0-12 Months

The presence of the Little One would bring its own excitement in the family. The hope is that the Little  One may grow and develop optimally. Therefore, recognizing the growth and development stage is very important. Mommy can provide the right stimulation and also monitor and handle problems that may arise early.

The growth parameters include height, weight, and head circumference. While the development includes the development of motor, language, cognitive, and emotion and behavior skills. Here is the stage of growth of your Little One in the first year:

New Born - 1 Month

In the first 2-3 days, generally, your Little One will lose 10% of birth weight. Birth weight will return approximately within 2 weeks. Afterwards, your Little One will gain as much as 30 grams each day. Height will increase 3-4 cm from the length of birth when your Little One is one month old. In addition, the circumference of his head will increase approximately 2.5 cm.

At this stage, your Little One is not able to communicate wel yet. All emotions are expressed through crying. Help your Little One’s growth by holding him/her while looking at his face lovingly or singing softly, and do not be too long to respond to the crying.

Your Little One will show some reflex movements, among others:

  • Rooting Reflex. If the corners of his mouth are touched, the Little One will turn and follow the direction of the touch. This is useful so that he/she can find the nipple of the breast.
  • Suction reflexes. If your Little One finds the object that touched his/her mouth, he/she will start sucking the object.
  • Moro reflex. The baby will raise his/her arms when he/she is surprised.

1-3 Months

At this stage, the weight of your Little One increases 680-910 grams per month. Her height increases approximately 2.5 cm each month. Meanwhile, head circumference also increases by 1.25 cm every month.

His neck muscles are stronger so he/she starts to straighten his/her head. Your Little One is also able to put his/her hand to the mouth, look at the object and light, listen to the sound, and open the lid of his/her hand. The movement of arms and legs is also more active.

Your Little One’s crying can be more distinguished: whether your Little One is hungry, sleepy, uncomfortable, and so on. Your Little One is also beginning to recognize the voice of people whom he/she often hears, such as Mommy.

Stimulate your Little One by giving a toy that can make a sound. Show objects that are bright, black, or white.

Baby 4-6 Months

Your Little One’s weight increases to twice the birth weight. His height increases by 1.25-2.5 cm per month, and his head circumference increases by 1.25 cm per month.

Your Little One is able to keep the balance of the head well, tilt the body to the right and left, and generally, at the age of 6 months can already sit alone. He also has begun to be able to see the colors and see in further distances.

Do not be surprised if your Little One is able to babble, laugh, and imitate sound. Your Little One is even getting to know his/her name, the familiar face of a person, understands the word "no", and stretches out his/her hands to be held. Stimulate your Little One by inviting him/her to speak often, though perhaps he/she has not understood of what Mommy’s talking about.

Baby 7-9 Months

Your Little One increases his/her weigh by 450 grams per month, while the height growth slows down to 1.25 cm each month, and the circumference of the head 0.6 cm per month.

Your Little One can sit without help or support anymore. Your Little One also starts to actively crawl, maybe even starts trying to stand and creep up. Your Little One will begin to hold objects with his thumb and forefinger; surely this will be followed by inserting objects into the mouth. Mommy can begin to teach your Little One to drink from a glass.

Do not be surprised if he/she begins to refuse if any unknown person wants to carry him. This is because he/she starts to know people. It also makes him/her is more "glued" to Mommy.

Baby 10-12 Months

Generally, your Little One will achieve three times her birth weight at the age of 1 year. Height and head circumference increase 0.6 cm each month. Your Little One starts smoothly to creep up, stand without holding on, even if led will try to walk.

Mommy can give her a more varied food because at the age of 1 year, generally, your Little One has grown 4-6 teeth. Balanced nutrition is increasingly needed because your Little One is increasingly active to explore the environment.

Stimulate your Little One by reading a tale to him/her or together viewing and "discussing" the pictures in the book.

For creative ideas to stimulate the development of your Little One, Mommy can look on Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan website  tailored specifically to support the development of intelligence of your Little One. With the nutrients and stimulation that fit the needs of the age, the gowth and development of your Little One will go optimally so that he/she can reach his/her maximum potential.