Things Mom needs to know in the third trimester pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 December 2019

Things Mom needs to know in the third trimester pregnancy

Usually Mom feels happy and also nervous when the pregnancy is at the third trimester phase, which is between 7 months pregnancy to delivery time, because this phase is the last phase in the pregnancy process. At the mature pregnancy, Mom will face challenges that need physical readiness and healthy mentality.

This is because, Mom will experience physical changes and also hormonal, one of them is the peak of production of pregnancy hormonal which is HCG. This condition causes Mom to feel a lot of changes like the changes of vagina fluids or tighten breasts because your body is preparing for breastfeeding.

Things to consider during the third trimester of pregnancy

  • Monitoring the fetus’ movement

Monitoring the fetus’ movement is an important thing because this could detect the abnormality in the fetus. Generally, at 28 weeks, the fetus’ movement already often happens like Mom can feel it kicking inside your belly. If suddenly the fetus rarely moves like it used to, be cautious Mom, this could be because the fetus has health disorder. But, if the fetus rarely moves actively at 36 weeks to the labor time, no need to worry, it’s because the fetus movement will become slower along with its growth.

  • Get ready for breastfeeding

This should be considered too when the third trimester of pregnancy, Mom. start from now, Mom can try to find out about the benefits of breastfeeding so Mom can be more excited to do it, how to save breast milk, what things that Mom should do so that the milk has a quality, and what are the prohibitions.

  • Packing for giving birth equipment

Though the delivery time is still far away from the estimated day of birth, it’s not wrong to pack all things Mom needed when in the hospital. So, when the time comes unpredictably, Mom and Dad no need to be bothered by that.

  • Learns all about childbirth

Mom has to know about the childbirth steps, like what is the process and what things could happen. Learn also about how to handle the pain when childbirth, either naturally or with the help of medicines. With preparing and having a lot of information that is empowered about childbirth, Mom will feel more calm down to face it.

  • Overcome fear before labor

Mom must be thinking about some of the worst possibilities that could happen to you, like unable to withstand the pain during labor, difficult labor, or anything bad. Those thoughts are very reasonable, especially if this is the first pregnancy. But, don’t ever let those unsure thoughts constantly haunting Mom even make you stress out. Well, to overcome the fears, it’s recommended to consult anything that Mom is worried about when checking up to your obstetrician. Ask for suggestions about how to prevent those from happening. With that, Mom’s feeling will feel better.

Activities that need to do when at the third trimester

  • Light Exercise

Pregnant Mom is recommended to do light exercise when at the third trimester pregnancy, so that it can accelerate blood circulation. Light exercise can take the form of a leisurely walk in the morning or do some light movements to relax the body before resting. Mom can take the sideways position when lay down, wearing a corset so it could loosen your veins in your hips. When pregnant, Mom also suggested to avoid wearing tight clothes.

Enjoy the last period of pregnancy in this third trimester with a grateful and happy heart, Mom. focus your mind and feelings on positive things, like beautiful moments that Mom will encounter when your beloved baby is in your hug. Keep healthy always, Mom.