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The Right Age of Pregnancy to Give Birth

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 19 July 2023

The Right Age of Pregnancy to Give Birth

Pregnancy is a awaited moment especially for new couples. This moment could be one of the most impressive moments and precious moments for a woman. Happy, anxious, fear, worry feelings mixed into one. That is why, it needs some good preparations, including mental preparation before delivery in order to expedite the process.

Beside the preparation, one thing Mom should know is the right age of pregnancy to deliver the baby. The calculation of pregnancy age must be precise and accurate as possible because the exact time of delivery actually takes place naturally. When the baby is ready to be born, it’s best for Mom to know the signs.

Age of pregnancy

Generally, common people consider 9 months 10 days or 37 weeks' pregnancy to be the ideal pregnancy age for childbirth. However, based on research by the Mom and babies health Organization in the United States of America, March of Dimes, said that the ideal age of pregnancy for Mom to deliver the baby is 40 weeks. Is it not too long? Meanwhile, there are many dangers that can threaten the health of babies if they are in the womb for too long.

A research from this health organization found that the baby's brain and organs are still developing after the age of pregnancy is entering 39 weeks. In fact, they also found that the babies that are born after week 39 will have a stronger resistance to respiratory problems, digestion, and problems with the regulation of body temperature naturally which is experienced by many babies that are born at week 37. That’s why, now there is a rule to do c-section at the week of 37.

Count accurately

To know that the pregnancy age has reached the ideal age to give birth, Mom can count it yourself. There are two methods that Mom can use to count the age of pregnancy.

First is count with the last menstruation method, Mom can use Naegele’s formula, that is (date + 7 days), (month +9), (year + 0) for the last menstruation is in January - March and (date+7 days), (month-3), (year+1) for the menstruation in April - December.

The second method is the fetus’ movement. The fetus’ movement at the first pregnancy happens in the week of 18-20, and for the second pregnancy and so on, the movement happens in the week of 16-18. But, if Mom wants to know the accurate age of pregnancy, it’s best for Mom to check it to your obstetrician.

Besides knowing the age of pregnancy and also the estimated date of delivery, Mom can get help if your obstetrician finds a health problem that could threaten Mom and the baby’s health. So, the birth process will run smoothly and healthily.