The Little One Can Get Smarter By Playing Puzzle

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

The Little One Can Get Smarter By Playing Puzzle

Playing activity is the time that the Little One awaits. While playing is the need of the Little One, by the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights, playing is confirmed as the inherent child's rights since he/she was born. Playing can stimulate your Little One well, as well as practice his/her social skills. Mommy can just direct him/her to the type of game that can optimize the growth and development.

Playing a puzzle is an easy and fun way to sharpen brain function. This game can be enjoyed by the Little One and also other family members. A study conducted by Susan C. Levine of the National Science Foundation, USA in 2012 showed that the Little One age 2-4 year olds who regularly play puzzles have better spatial visual skills than those who do not. This is because the ability to recognize and understand the shape, size, color, and space is sharpened by playing the puzzle.

Actually, what are the benefits that can be obtained for the Little One by playing a puzzle?

Puzzle improves thinking, shapes and space logic, as well as memory

A study conducted by Nouchi R in 2013 proves that the puzzle plays an important role in brain development. Puzzles can increase concentration as well as shapes and space logic. Moreover, puzzles or brain teasers can improve the ability of cognitive, memory, and speed of thinking. This reinforces the results of previous research conducted by Susan C. Levine.

Puzzle sharpens fine motor skills

Playing puzzles is not only useful to sharpen brain function but also can train the Little One’s fine motor skills. He/she will be trained to take and unite pieces of images with his/her fingers. It also sharpens the skill of eye and hand coordination. The Little One will learn to imagine which pieces of the picture should be taken to complete the puzzle.

The Little One can learn to have a target and solve a problem

Each puzzle game has its final destination. The Little One will learn that in order to reach a certain target or goal, he/she must go through a step by step first. With the achievement of the target, the Little One will feel more confident and excited.

Mommy can introduce a puzzle game since early years of the Little One. However, for the Little One who still often puts objects into the mouth, Mommy should choose a large puzzle which is made of safe materials.

Other types of puzzle that the Preschooler can play are patterns puzzle, word games, or logic puzzles with numbers. Those types of puzzles will help Mommy to sharpen the multiple intelligences owned by the Little One. Find examples of exciting puzzle pieces on the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. Now, playing is not just a casual activity but also an exciting learning event.