The Important Role Of Music For The Little One’s Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

The Important Role Of Music For The Little One’s Intelligence

Music plays an important role in our lives. At home, music must have been part of the family's daily activities. Since the Little One was born, Daddy and Mommy must have often sang or played songs to calm him/her, express joy, to be part of the interaction between family members.

There are already many studies that raised the topic of musical benefits to the intelligence and academic achievement of the Little One. A study conducted in 2016 by the University of Southern California found that engaging in training or music education at an early age had a positive impact on brain development.

A study in Germany involving 194 third grade elementary school boys showed that non-verbal intelligence and reading skills of children learning to play a musical instrument were higher than those that do not. Another study in the United States, involving elementary school children aged 7-12 years old showed, children who received music education are more fluent in reading and language than those who received none at all.

Music will train the basic skills needed for the Little One to read and speak through several things. Firstly, a phonological awareness, which is the awareness, that there are parts that can be sounded from a word, so as to form the sound of that spoken word. Secondly, the ability to recognize sound patterns so as to understand the speech despite the noisy surroundings (speech-in-noise perception). Thirdly, the ability to follow a rhythm. Finally, the ability to form the memory acquired through listening. Music also helps introduce new vocabularies to the Little One.

Mommy can predict the ability of the Little One to read from his/her skills to process sounds when he/she is 3 years old. This is because music and reading activate the same area in the right brain. So, training this area through music is the same as sharpening the Little One’s reading and language skills.

Not only that, music is also useful in sharpening the ability of the Little One in Math. Spatial-temporal reasoning (the relationship between an idea/a thing with space and time), as well as geometric skills (related to shape, size, and pattern) will be trained. These skills make the Little One can think logically, and connect various ideas and concepts to solve problems.

Being actively involved music from an early age is proved to be able to form the intelligence of the Little One because this sharpens his/her skills to read, speak and do math. Stimulation of the Little One in Musical intelligence can be done with a variety of simple activities that can be done at home. Feeling confused in looking for ideas to play? Now, Mommy can see creative game ideas at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. Not only that, on the site, Mommy can also identify the multiple intelligence of the Little One in order to provide the right stimulation. Have a fun musical moments with your Little One!