The benefits of taking a walk to Baby’s growth and development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

The benefits of taking a walk to Baby’s growth and development

Does Mom know? Evidently not just adults need to take a walk. Babies too, need to take to walk around. Without realizing it, it could educate the little one become smarter. No need to take a walk far. Just walking around the house complex every morning have a lot of benefits for the little one.

Here are below some benefits of taking a walk for the little one:

  1. Help to get extra Vitamin D

    According to a research by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, vitamin D is one of the main nutrition that help child growth. Vitamin D not just sourced from food but also from sunlight. That is why, it’s recommended to take a baby walk in the morning. If Mom wants to take the little one take a walk in the morning, chose between 7 to 9 AM. In order to get sunlight optimally, Mom could sunbathing the little one 15 minutes max.

  2. Baby could breathe fresh air.

    Mom needs to know that just keeping the baby inside the house is not good for the baby’s development. Moreover if the air circulation inside the house is not good, that will make the little one easily get sick.

    Without Mom realized, air pollution can also happen inside a house. Air pollution caused by lead content in wall paint, smoke in the kitchen during the cooking process, garbage smells or even unpleasant smell from pet feces. This air pollution could be dangerous if inhaled by the baby continuously.

    With taking the little one for a walk outside the house, he/she will get the fresh air that is good for his/her health. But remember, Mom should carefully choose the place to take the little one for a walk and avoid places that risk of vehicle pollution.

  3. Increase the relation between Mom and the little one

    More objects to be seen when taking a walk with the little one could be the way for Mom to looking for interaction subject with the little one. Besides, this will become a quality time to tied moments of togetherness with the little one.

  4. Introducing environment outside the house

    Home and environment around the little one are the place that will be remembered by him/her for the rest of his/her life. That is why, it is important to introduce it to the little one as soon as possible. Besides, with taking a walk outside the house, the little one will learn about new sounds and objects that he/she never see.

    There are some babies that feel anxious when go out from home, that is why taking a walk in the morning or evening could be a natural therapy for them. Atmosphere outside the house will make the little one aware that it is safe and fun there. This will educate the babies to trust the environment and become braver.

  5. Stimulate the little one development

    Take a walk will improve the little one sensitivity and also give stimulation to his/her development. The little one visual ability also will improve because there is a lot of objects that he/she sees when going outside the house.

    Well, lots of benefits, right Mom? So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a little one for a walk everyday to stimulate his/her growth and development.