The benefits of gardening at an early age for little one

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 19 July 2023

The benefits of gardening at an early age for little one

Taking little one to “cangkul, cangkul, cangkul yang dalam, menanam jagung di kebun kita...” will be an entertaining activity. When planting any seeds with little one will be a good experience for them, moreover little one can dig the dirt, putting down the seeds, and watering the plants. Gardening with little one can be a good medium to bonding with Mom. Besides, gardening is proven good for children’s growth and development. What are others benefits? Here’re the reviews below.

  1. Gardening can improve little one’s mental health

    Gardening for little one means playing outside with Mom. Children will know new things about plants and animals surrounding them. They’re learning where it gets the food, how to take care of it, and caring for something without having to own it. Research from The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario also said that gardening can relieve stress in little one. In fact, this study also states certain bacteria found in the soil have an effect on improving mood and a positive effect on little one's learning behavior.

  1. Little one will love to eat vegetables and fruits

    Little one shows symptoms of picky eaters on vegetables and fruits, Mom? Let’s take them gardening, with gardening they will know the origin of the food, start from seed till harvest. According to a Journal of American Dietetic Association in 2007, children who take part in planting their own vegetables will eat it. Gardening effects and eating vegetables and fruit habits will be brought till they grow up.

  1. Gardening can be physical activities for little one

    Keep their tablets, turn off the TV, bring shovel and seeds, and take little one to gardening. Planting, pulling off the weed, watering, and harvesting vegetables don’t make little one sweating, but at least little one can leave their gadget. It means more physical activities during their growth and development phase, there will be more improvement in their motor skills.

  1. Little one will exposed to good bacteria from the soil

    Microbiology expert, Brett Finlay said in his book Let Them Eat Dirt that in soil there are a lot of not harmful microbes, in fact these bacteria can enhance children’s body defense system. If children's immune systems improve, it means they don’t easily get sick and those are good for their development. So, Mom doesn’t need to be afraid when little one plays with dirt and sunlight.

  1. Gardening teach little one to love the environment

    Teaching little one about the environment can be started at the early stage and start from the smallest things. Gardening is one of them. Mom can introduce the form of worms, butterflies, even many kinds of caterpillars. Beside that, introduce them that plants is a living things that have variant kinds and functions. Give children education that all creatures in this world have their own function as an ecosystem.

In addition to benefits above, gardening also can increase little one’s cognitive caution and skill. The reason is gardening is quite complex work so that it can help children to stay calm and focused. Make a routine schedule for gardening, for example in the morning on the weekend so little one can be disciplined and can see their plant development. Happy gardening, Mom!